Janet Street, President
(The Schenck School, Director of Outplacement)

“Our family grew to love CURE when our son, Cam, went through his treatments for Ewing sarcoma. Of course, we loved all the meals and other acts of kindness, but CURE really got our attention after Cam became gravely ill after experiencing a recurrence. He was given a trial drug which had been funded by CURE, and overnight, after one infusion and without a single side effect, Cam was back to doing cannonballs in the pool. Every tumor in his lungs was eradicated, and he began to live again. We were told from the start that this drug was in early-stage development, and the benefits would last only three months. We couldn’t help contemplating what might have been if this trial drug had been available to him sooner. It made us aware of the importance of cutting-edge research and gave us hope that other families might not have to endure the horrific pain of losing of a child. We will always be grateful to CURE for all they continue to do to help so many children win this war.”