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Kostadin Doukov
(PwC, Partner)

“My wife and I will never forget the moment we were told that our daughter, Diana, had childhood kidney cancer (bilateral Wilms tumor). At that point, we didn’t know what lay ahead, but as any other parent in a similar situation we were fully committed to do what’s best for Diana. Her fight with childhood cancer has really made me recognize not only the difficulty of her battle, but also that it has severe and long-lasting effects on the entire family.

We were introduced to CURE when we relocated back to Atlanta from Boston and attended many of their fundraisers and sponsored events. It quickly became apparent to me that we have mutual goals and beliefs focused on clinical research, the children, and their families. The reason why I am so proud to be associated with CURE is because this is an organization that has a core mission dedicated to conquering childhood cancer while supporting the kids and their families. We owe it to all children to make this world a better place, and progressing the fight against childhood cancer is critical and personal to me.”