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Behind the scenes at CURE Childhood Cancer is a caring team of professionals who devote each day to our mission. With diverse backgrounds and their own personal stories, they are unified by a passion for helping children with cancer and their families.

Kristin Connor

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Kennedy

Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Bradshaw

Chief Marketing Officer

Mandy Garola

Vice President, South Georgia

Mandy Fingerhut

Senior Development Director, Events and Initiatives

Karen Rutherford

Senior Director, Patient and Family Services

Munaa Shariff

Senior Director, Operations

Liz Bunder

Development Director, Individual Giving

Mark Myers

Director of Communications

Liz Stockstill

Director of Marketing

Jenny Wilkins

Development Director, Events Savannah

Melody Bless

Development Manager

Aysia Brannon

Development Manager, Events

Amanda Crosby

Community Engagement Manager, South Georgia

Nick Geter

Senior Coordinator, Patient and Family Services

Jennifer Gilliam

Manager, Operations

Nicolaus Griffith

Coordinator, Patient and Family Services

Susan Hayden

Office Manager

Amanda Heinz

Development Manager, Events, South Georgia

Allena Hendrix

Manager, Patient and Family Services

Madison Hensley

Development Coordinator, Events and Initiatives

Diva Hicks

Creative Manager

Shelley Howard

Finance Manager

Maddie Jackson

Coordinator, Development and Operations

Emily Jordan

Manager, Patient and Family Services

Chelsea Key

Manager, Patient and Family Services

Makenzie Mullins

Development Manager, South Georgia

Molly Nash

Development Manager, Community Engagement

Lisa Odendahl

Senior Manager, Patient and Family Services

Kristen Rudio

Senior Development Manager, Events and Initiatives