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Named Funds

Named Funds offer a way for friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, and others to commemorate a child who has battled cancer or an individual who has shown dedication to our mission. Named Funds are an important way to honor children and build a meaningful legacy that keeps their battles top of mind.

Alex Cawood’s Universe
Anna’s Angel Fund
Anna Charles Hollis Fund
Carlos S. Alvarado, MD Pediatric Cancer Research Fund
Catie’s Fund
Creedlove Fund
Jack’s Fund
Lana Turner Fund
Sam Robb Fund
Trenton W. Kindred Research Fund
United for a CURE

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Named Funds?

Named Funds are memorial or tribute funds housed at CURE Childhood Cancer. These funds offer a way for friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, foundations and/or corporations to commemorate special individuals, such as a child who has battled cancer or an individual who has demonstrated dedication to the field of pediatric cancer. The funds are named in honor or memory of the child or the individual.

Why would I establish a Named Fund?

Often when a child battles cancer, a family and/or well-meaning friends want to start a foundation in honor or memory of that child. While this can be a beautiful way to honor a child, obtaining a 501(c)(3) charitable designation and maintaining a foundation is very time-consuming and expensive. Named Funds allow families and friends to establish a fund in a child’s name under CURE’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation and work together with us to fight childhood cancer.

If I start a Named Fund, can I designate where the money goes?

Yes. We will work with you to determine how you want funds raised to be used and we memorialize this in writing. We do require that the funds are used in furtherance of CURE’s mission – childhood cancer research that has been vetted by our Peer Review Committee and/or CURE’s patient and family support programs.

Is there an annual fundraising requirement for Named Funds?

Yes. Named Funds must raise or give a minimum of $25,000 each fiscal year in order to keep the fund active. If a fund fails to reach the minimum, we will work with you to try to help you create a fundraising plan. If you determine you can’t or don’t want to fundraise going forward, the Named Fund will be retired. The Named Fund can be reactivated down the road if you’d like to resume fundraising.

Does CURE charge administrative fees to Named Funds?

No, we do not charge administrative fees to maintain a Named Fund. 100% of the money you raise for your Named Fund will go towards its designated purpose.

How does CURE support Named Funds?

CURE will help you with ideas and support you as much as we can. CURE will take care of the business side of things – such as sending acknowledgment letters for donations, preparing tax returns that include the Named Funds, and Audited Financial Statements. We will also provide marketing support and help with communications to your donors. We provide you with reports so you know how much has been raised and you can personally thank donors if you wish to. Each Named Fund is also featured on our website, and we often share stories about Named Funds in our newsletters, blog, and social media. The responsibility to fundraise is yours, but we’re here to help in many ways.

If you’d like to learn more about honoring a childhood cancer hero through a Named Fund, please contact CURE’s CEO, Kristin Connor, at 770-986-0035 extension 24, or email her at [email protected]. You can also fill out the form below, and we will be in touch.

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