You can give Hope this holiday season.

When you donate to CURE Childhood Cancer, you are giving children and their families the gift of hope. Your gift helps us to fund critical research that will lead to better outcomes for children devastated by cancer while allowing us to walk beside them as a comfort and resource during their fight. Here are just a few of the tangible ways your gift makes a difference.

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Research is the key, and funding makes it possible.

The more research is accelerated, the sooner we'll achieve significant breakthroughs and cures. But we can't count on federal funding. Not only has there been an alarming decrease in budgets, but less than 4% of federal funding directed toward cancer research goes toward solving children's cancers.

Our mission and vision
are clear.

CURE focuses entirely on children's cancer efforts and funds the work of some of the best and brightest scientists in the field of pediatric cancer. As research efforts continue, we also address the critical and urgent needs of patients and families.


The journey does not stop until all childhood cancers are solved.

Until that day, regardless of individual outcomes, each and every child and his or her family are part of our mission. And we will do anything we can to ease their burden and give them hope.





Teamwork with donors, doctors, and families changes the dynamic.

CURE for Childhood Cancer partners with people and organizations that share our vision and passion to see childhood cancer defeated.

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The cure is within reach.

Our funding is made possible by individuals and organizations which believe in our mission and have joined us in driving it forward. With their support, we're bringing discoveries, hope and cures to the courageous children we serve.

“I thought his diagnosis meant the end, but it was really a new beginning.”

Neuroblastoma couldn't stop one boy from living his life and inspiring everyone around him.

Trenton's story


Tell the world childhood cancers can be defeated.


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