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You make the impact happen

Your donations allow CURE to fund lifesaving research and support children with cancer and their families. Since its founding in 1975, CURE has made a significant impact in bringing the most advanced treatments to children while supporting families devastated by a childhood cancer diagnosis.


CURE has funded $45 million in childhood cancer research over the last 12 years.

personalized cancer medicine

Research has increased the survival rate for children fighting cancer, but it still remains the leading cause of death by disease.

Your gift of $25,000 can be invested into life-saving research for the hardest-to-treat cancers.

Precision Medicine

CURE has invested more than $14 million in precision medicine projects since 2017.

Children with cancer have much better outcomes if they have access to genetic tumor sequencing.

Your gift of $5,000 funds gene sequencing for 2-3 children.

Financial Assistance

CURE has provided $3 million in emergency financial support in the last 12 years.

Many parents can’t work and lose income while caring for their sick child.

Your gift of $1,000 pays rent that allows a family to maintain housing during treatment.


CURE has served 300,000 meals to hospitalized children and their families since 2011.

When a child is in the hospital, it can be hard to leave the room to go get a meal, and very expensive for many families.

Your gift of $250 provides a meal to 30 hospitalized children and their families.

Children with Cancer Have Been Left Behind

When CURE was founded in 1975, there were very few childhood cancer charities, and survival rates for children diagnosed with cancer were very low. With focused and collaborative research, those rates have steadily risen to above 80%. However, cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children, and studies show that more than 95% of childhood cancer survivors will have significant health issues by the time they are 45 years old.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) was established to spearhead the global fight against cancer and has been a driving force behind scientific progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. However, despite its achievements, children with cancer have been left behind in terms of research funding. As shocking as it may seem, only 4% of the NCI’s research budget is dedicated to childhood cancers, resulting in a lack of progress in developing effective treatments for children with cancer. As a result, children with cancer are often left with outdated treatment options that have not advanced at the same rate as those for adults.

Your Support Drives the Most Promising Research

Research proposals are subjected to a thorough review process by a committee of experts. This competitive process ensures CURE funds only the best science.

CURE has funded hundreds of studies into safer and more effective treatments, many of which are saving children right now. One such project is Dr. Michael Chorny at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who is investigating a novel drug precursor that has the potential to transform the survival rate of adolescents with neuroblastoma, which currently stands at less than 5%.

CURE is helping to revolutionize the capabilities of precision medicine and expand access to genetic sequencing for children with high-risk tumors and those who do not respond to standard treatments. Your contributions are making a real difference in the lives of children like Lorelai, whose high-grade glioma was resistant to conventional treatments. However, thanks to gene sequencing, doctors were able to identify a specific mutation and prescribe a lung cancer drug that targets the mutation, impeding the tumor’s growth and offering hope for a better outcome.

Supporting Children and their Families

Childhood cancer can create financial hardship for families due to the significant medical and nonmedical expenses that coincide with parental employment interruption or loss, which may result from the child’s care needs, medical emergencies, and hospitalization.
With staggering inflation resulting in rapidly rising costs of goods and services, more families than ever looked to CURE for help making ends meet.
CURE has increased the funds available for financial assistance year over year to ensure families can maintain stable housing, transportation, and other basic necessities.

Your Donations Impacted a Family of a 15-Month-Old with Leukemia

This sweet child’s diagnosis has been emotionally and financially difficult for her family. The hospital where she receives treatment is located over two hours away from the family’s home, making it impossible for one of the parents to continue working. As a result, the family of 11 has become a single-income household, and the added transportation costs have made their financial situation even more challenging. Your generosity enabled CURE to provide substantial assistance with transportation costs, rent, and utility bills, helping to alleviate the strain.

Childhood cancer charities like CURE are turning the tide! Your support empowers families, fuels research, and creates brighter futures. Together, we’re not just fighting childhood cancer – we’re winning!