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Donna Baker
(Alliant Employee Benefits, EVP - Consulting)

“One of the harshest realities in life is that cancer will impact many of us at some point. Maybe a friend, family member, partner, parent, co-worker, or yourself. The unfortunate part is a single diagnosis can affect so many. The effects of cancer are not only felt by the patient, but by so many around them. To have your own child facing this devastating diagnosis and the long, difficult treatment process ahead would be unimaginable. CURE’s dedicated and tireless team of employees and volunteers aim to provide support to patients and their families during the most difficult of times. CURE understands that while treatment may heal the body, cancers invasion is far reaching. Families dealing with childhood cancer can become overwhelmed, physically and emotionally stressed, and in many cases, face financial hardship. The CURE team is there to provide guidance, support, or simply a warm meal and a smile. For families impacted by childhood cancer, every single day is a fight. CURE is committed to the battle. In addition to the much needed support for families, CURE funds research on targeted non-toxic treatments for complex childhood cancers – research that will change the landscape of treatment protocols and ultimately survival rates. I simply can’t imagine anything more worthy of my time and attention. I look forward to making whatever positive impact I can on the success of the CURE mission and I’m honored to be associated with such a great organization.”