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Sara Perlaky FitzGerald, PhD
(Retired, Cytiva, a Danaher Life Sciences Company, Regional Marketing Leader for the Americas)

“I have been aware of CURE Childhood Cancer since hearing Kristin Connor speak at an event I attended over ten years ago. She shared her personal journey as a mother of a child with cancer and also talked about the mission of CURE. I was deeply touched by her story, and remember thinking that, given my scientific background, I would love to be involved with CURE when I had time to dedicate to the cause. At the time, I was working full-time and had two little kids at home, including one with special needs. I didn’t have the time then, but I never forgot about CURE.

I recently decided to take early retirement from my 20-year career as a Commercial Leader in the Biopharma industry. I was looking for ways to use my professional skills in a volunteer capacity when I was invited to apply to serve on the Board of Directors.

I love that CURE takes a two-pronged approach towards childhood cancer: funding research to solve pediatric cancer problems and helping families who are currently going through the childhood cancer journey. Research is so critical to providing a better future for pediatric patients and there is simply not enough funding to do all that should be done. CURE is addressing this problem head-on. The human touch of helping families on the childhood cancer journey attracts me to this great organization. I am so honored to serve on the Board of Directors at CURE Childhood Cancer.”