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Casey Sentell
(MLW Chairs, President)

“My journey into the world of childhood cancer began when my beautiful daughter Ava was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma in 2010. She fought courageously through three very long and hard months with most of her time spent in the hospital at CHOA. Whether it was providing meals or other support for families, CURE’s constant presence at the hospital always stuck with me. Sometimes the little things can have tremendous impact on cancer families. However, CURE isn’t only about the little things. After we lost Ava, CURE was still there for bereaved families like mine with the Weekend of Hope & Healing. As a father who has lost a child there is an internal motor that runs daily to drive you to want to do something more, and I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to serve on the CURE Board and help continue to fulfill the promise I made to my daughter: to fight for a cure.”