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Lisa McCain
(PwC, Assurance Partner)

“From the moment I first learned about CURE, I knew I wanted to be involved on a deeper level than just volunteering some time or donating a few dollars. When you learn about how little government research money goes to childhood cancer research efforts, you quickly understand that curing childhood cancers falls to all of us individuals. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I believe that same thing holds true for keeping our children alive, finding less invasive, more tailored treatments, and increasing quality of life after cancer. The CURE staff truly love what they do and care about every single person touched by childhood cancer – the patients, their families, the hospital staff. The efforts CURE undertakes to wrap their arms around the entire childhood cancer community is as inspiring as the efforts to find a cure.  From the meals in the hospitals to the whole family therapy services, to the family emergency support funds, to the care for the nurses and other hospital staff… it is an honor to work with this amazing organization and its phenomenal people.”