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Chris Eachus
(CP Group, Partner and Founding Member)

“My introduction to CURE came at the hospital. When my son Drew was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia two weeks after his fifth birthday, we were devastated. Over the coming weeks we experienced, first hand, many of the services CURE provides to families undergoing treatment. CURE’s balance of near-term (patient and family services) and long-term (research) initiatives struck my wife and me as an effective way to help battle this plague. So we joined the team! Childhood cancer can strike any child, at any time. The treatment protocols are lengthy, painful, and if you are lucky enough for them to be effective, yield long-term side effects no child should suffer from. There is a better way, and it will be found through research. CURE’s commitment to funding research that will lead to more effective, less toxic treatment for the children is a mission we should all strive to press forward.”