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Being a mom can be exhausting on the best of days. The effort required to keep every family member fed, clothed, clean, and delivered, not to mention happy, is exhausting. When you add a childhood cancer diagnosis, things can unravel quickly.

Kristen Hazen found out just how isolating a cancer diagnosis can be. Her fifteen-year-old daughter, Hannah, is a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor who was diagnosed during the COVID-19 pandemic. She finished her treatment in October 2021 and is doing great today. One thing that Kristen missed out on was getting to know other parents dealing with cancer treatment.

“When you’re in this unfortunate club, you want to share your feelings and fears with other people who understand,” she explained. “I didn’t get to be around other moms. In fact, last year’s A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes was the first time I got the chance to sit down with moms like me.”

CURE created A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes to be a haven where the moms of children with cancer can rest and lay down their concerns for one afternoon to enjoy laughing, pampering, and a unique sisterhood. The luncheon honors more than 250 mothers, many of whom come straight from the hospital to attend.

Kristen (center) with two new friends at Quiet Heroes

“Once we got through the introductions, our conversation around the table was very meaningful,” Kristen said. “It was a place where I felt understood, and we were able to offer validation, support, and encouragement to each other. This was the first place where I felt completely comfortable sharing my journey.”

Kristen admits that she was a little hesitant to go since she didn’t know anyone who would be there. But she found a quick and solid connection very quickly.

“To that mom who might be worried about going, I would encourage her to take that step and attend,” Kristen said. “You will be surrounded by like-minded ladies and will build bonds quickly. I am so glad I went and look forward to this year’s event.”

Quiet Heroes is a special place of rest like no other – and not just for the moms of children with cancer. This luncheon is the perfect time to share a relaxing and inspirational afternoon featuring radio host and Quiet Hero Jenn Hobby as emcee, keynote message by comedian, life lover, and inspirational speaker Derrick Tennant, and a special performance by American Idol season 12 winner Candice Glover and the SCAD HoneyBees.

Make plans to attend the Quiet Heroes luncheon on Saturday, March 25, at Flourish Atlanta. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit