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Today’s high school and college students fall into a new classification called Generation Z. As they enter the workforce, this generation is proving to possess a big passion for social change. They want to make a difference. With September coming close, a Gold-Out Game is the perfect way to allow them to support an important cause.

That’s what Lauren Howell found. Her son, Liam, was born with a tumor on his spine and, after treatment, has been a survivor for eleven years. While teaching at Flowery Branch High School, she looked for a way to get students involved and created a framework any school can use to raise money for childhood cancer research.

“It all starts with a story,” Lauren said. “Almost every high school will have a survivor or student fighting cancer. They just need to be willing to share it. Kids want to be a part of doing something good and channeling their energy into helping fight childhood cancer is great for the students and the school.”

Lauren facilitates her Peer Leadership class as they go through the process of planning and executing their Gold Out Game. She points to three things that have helped Flowery Branch succeed:

  1. Turn the campus gold with balloons, signs, t-shirts, etc. Every game has a theme – ask the kids to wear gold and promote competitions between classes.
  2. Make it personal. Identify local children and if they are willing, share their stories through pictures, signs, and bring them on the field for special recognition if possible.
  3. Get feeder schools involved. Middle and elementary schools love to participate in such events.

The key is to start early and plan. Even if you don’t have a class to take on the project, a small group of properly motivated student leaders can drive great results.

Would you like to start a gold-out game at your high school? Our High School Toolkit has all the tools you will need for your school’s September gold-out game! From posters and stickers you can print to childhood cancer facts for half-time announcements, these items will make your September plans special and impactful. Click HERE to get started.