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Every September, we celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and it quickly becomes a month of continuous buzz for CURE. There are so many components that our staff, partners, and volunteers stay busy all month long. We loved the constant events and activities and watching so many people get involved. You have been the biggest part of September’s success! We would like to share a little of what you did for children with cancer.

The month started in grand style at Dragon Con. CURE was selected as their charitable partner for 2023, and we had so much fun participating. Everywhere we went, we saw attendees and exhibitors raising money in creative ways. Then Con matched donations up to $125,000. In total, Dragon Con contributed a whopping $272,875!

Maybe you saw or purchased this year’s garden flag, helping to line streets and neighborhoods. While the flag was a small investment, we heard from many families whose children are currently fighting cancer that seeing these flags all over town made them feel so supported and uplifted. The flags also raised $215,216 to fight childhood cancer.

Every day, we shared the stories of three remarkable childhood cancer heroes through CURE’s Kids. Many read them faithfully and couldn’t help but be moved and inspired. The journeys of these heroes motivated many to give, and CURE’s Kids raised $113,000 to fund life-saving research and support families in the fight.

Our September partners stood with us to drive awareness and raise funds. Our supporters filled their plates with burgers, burritos, sandwiches, chicken salad, cookies, pies, ice cream, Italian ice, and cookie dough to benefit CURE. Fortunately, yoga, CrossFit, and martial arts classes offered ways to stay fit while supporting CURE. Several businesses encouraged patrons to join our Coins4CURE campaign and raised $36,000. From jewelry and coffee to hardware, clothing, teeth cleanings, and haircuts, a variety of businesses made it their mission to put children with cancer on center stage. Thank you to old friends and new ones who joined us.

Dozens of schools showed their energy and spirit through Gold Out games. These games shared awareness of the issues surrounding childhood cancer, and many raised much-needed funds to fight against it. Some honored specific heroes in their community with moving tributes.

September has shown us that our message resonates within the community, and it’s all thanks to you! Your contribution, no matter how big or small, has made a significant impact, and we are incredibly grateful.