CURE Childhood Cancer Honors Robert Hart

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join us today, September 14, 2012 as CURE Childhood Cancer honors CURE Kid Robert Hart. Join our fight as CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time! Donate to Robert’s fund.

On December 16 2010 my family’s life was forever changed. On that unforgettable night our little boy was diagnosed with cancer. It was almost unbelievable. Robert had seemed more tired than usual, coming home from school and wanting to sleep instead of play. He began to look a little pale, and upon the appearance of dark circles under his eyes I made an appointment with the Pediatrician. His doctor ran blood work, and within an hour we were on our way to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

There are no words to describe the emotional tide that overcame my husband and me. The first few days were almost paralyzing. As we began to accept the situation, we moved into a phase of seemingly endless information seeking. We were immersed into a world of new procedures, terminologies, habits and concerns. After a few weeks we had begun to settle into our new routines, learn the things we needed to, and feeling more confident in our grasp of the situation.

Once we were finally home, we had a newfound appreciation for every night in our own bed. Our daily fate was settled by the thermometer. With Robert’s frail immune system, the slightest bug would cause an infection that his body couldn’t succumb. This would lead to a fever, and a trip to the ER. One of these ER visits lead to a relentless 16 day admission.

Throughout this whole journey of chemotherapy, spinal tabs, side effects, hospital stays, and family separation, Robert has shown such amazing strength. He’s never complained and has dealt with every situation better than I ever could. His smile is big and his laughter infectious. He has taught us what is important in life and what really matters.

Now Robert is in the maintenance phase of his treatment our lives have gotten less chaotic. With most days spent at home and not in the hospital, Robert has been able to regularly return to school and to all the activities he previously enjoyed. Although the monthly appointments, daily chemo and frequent side effects are still a part of our routine we are thankful for every day we get to spend as a family. We look forward to the day when Robert’s cancer is gone forever.

This month is Childhood cancer awareness month and September 14th is Robert’s 8th birthday. CURE Childhood Cancer has been a big part of our lives since Robert’s first day at the hospital. Please consider honoring our precious boy on his birthday and all the other brave children fighting for their lives and donate to CURE, because it’s a cure we are all hoping for.

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