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As our hearts turn toward Thanksgiving, CURE wants to express our thanks to you, our donors. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to touch the lives of families fighting childhood cancer. During the year, we receive notes from these families and would like to pass them along to you. These are real comments from real families in crisis whose lives have been impacted by the generosity of your gifts. Thank you.

Early Outreach

“We had treatment in Atlanta at Egleston while she received her radiation at Emory. During that time, my family was given one of the CURE totes and I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a blessing it was and still is. The provided notebook has been to every appointment and hospital stay, as it contains every piece of information pertaining to our daughter’s diagnosis and treatment plan.”

Family Emergency Fund

“Our sweet girl went home and received complete healing on August 2, 2017. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and let everyone know what a difference they have made! All the times we were inpatient and I was so hungry and couldn’t leave and you would provide food, all the gas cards we so desperately needed from our haul to Atlanta from Chattanooga, or just simply the smiles and joys you would bring during our chemo days! Thank you for making our journey a little easier. What a blessing”

Bo Story Lodging Fund

“I wanted to tell you how important that hotel stay was to us. When he had a short amount of time to go in between outpatient and impatient, he was at his weakest and very sick. You put us in the most comfortable spot with the best people. They made our stay so enjoyable. And he was his happiest during our treatment time. Those three days gave us hope and me time to recoup and gather the things we needed to get grounded and move into a place here in Atlanta. That meant the world to us.”

Bereavement Care

“Our son just passed away in October so this is still all very new to us. Having the opportunity to talk to others was very helpful. I also sat in the break-out sessions listening and not realizing how helpful they really were. But in the past 48 hours, two things have come up that were things that we talked about and it really helped with those situations.”

One last comment that speaks so well to the overall impact CURE has had because of you.

“If you ever wondered what effect your work has on the families and others that have the pleasure to see and be a part of it, please know my tears yesterday were of overwhelming awe and joy. It has been a long journey being on the frontline of our son’s diagnosis and treatment. Knowing what he’s been through and how he’s changed and evolved through it all. Looking at that beautiful, healthy, strong, larger-than-life image of him brought up so many feelings of hope and gratitude; so much of the constant roller coaster emotions that are a part of having a child whose life is threatened, and the helplessness felt at not being able to tangibly defeat it.

I wouldn’t know where to begin to express my gratitude for everything CURE has done for our family to ease the impact of our boy’s developing cancer. CURE definitely makes a positive difference in our ability to cope and navigate this life-changing event.”


From everyone here at CURE, “Thank you”