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Preschool Hosts “Flush Away Cancer” Fundraiser

Preschool Hosts “Flush Away Cancer” Fundraiser

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we love seeing all the creative ways individuals, groups and organizations come together to spread awareness and raise funding for our cause. The Children of Grace Preschool, located in Gainesville, GA, have joined the cause!

At any time, you may open your window and find a giant purple potty, marked with “Flush Away Cancer” set in your front yard! How do you get rid of it? Call a number and pay a fee!

$15 – Potty Removal

$20 – Potty Removal and Flush a Friend

$30 – Potty Insurance (to ensure the potty doesn’t end up in our yard)

The entire community is having so much fun with this fundraiser, and all proceeds for “potty services” are being donated to CURE. What a fantastic fundraising idea!

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