CURE’s 2021 research initiative includes the following studies:

Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Douglas Graham, MD, PhD
Aflac Cancer Center Precision Medicine Program

Waitman Aumann, MD     
The role of SIX1 in CALM-AF10 and other t-cell leukemias

Deboray DeRyckere, PhD
Nanoparticle delivery of MRX-2843 for treatment of pediatric leukemia

Robert Castellino, MD
Identifying and targeting therapeutic vulnerabilities in DIPG

Henry Curtis, PhD
Delineating the impact of anti-Galectin-9 immunotherapy on t-cell all epigenetics and survival

Shahab Shubin, MD, PhD 
Deciphering the oncogenic potential of LIN28B in group 3 medulloblastoma

Karen Effinger, MD, MS
Evaluation of vestibular dysfunction in survivors of childhood cand adolescent cancer treated with platinum-based chemotherapies

Swati Bhasin, PhD  
Therapeutic targeting of single cell RNA Seq derived t-all blast signatures

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Michael Chorny, PhD
Combination Therapy of Neuroblastoma Using Co-drug Impregnated Nanocarriers