CURE’s 2018-2019 research initiative includes the following studies:

Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Douglas Graham, MD, PhD
Aflac Cancer Center Precision Medicine Program

Kavita Dhodapkar, MD
Precision Cellular Immunotherapy of High-risk Glioma in Children

Kelly Goldsmith, MD
Optimizing Chemoimmunotherapy with DFMO in Relapsed and Refractory Neuroblastoma

Lisa Ingerski, PhD
Health Related Quality of Life Outcomes during Molecularly Targeted Therapy for the Treatment of Refractory or Progressive Pediatric Brain Tumors

Lubing Gu, MD
Development of Dual Inhibitors of MDM2 and XIAP for Treatment of Childhood Cancers

Robert Schnepp, MD, PhD
BMI1 as an Oncogenic Driver and Novel Target in Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma

Tobey MacDonald, MD
Employing Focused Ultrasound to Aid Therapeutic Delivery to Pediatric Brain Tumors

Tobey MacDonald, MD
Phase I Trial of WP1066 in Children with Refractory and Progressive Malignant Brain Tumors with Evidence of JAK2/STAT3 Pathway Activation

Baylor College of Medicine

Alexandra Stevens, MD
A Trial of Atovaquone with Conventional Chemotherapy for Pediatric AML (ATACC AML)

Lisa L. Wang, MD
Optimizing GD2.CAR T Cell Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Relapsed Osteosarcoma and Neuroblastoma

Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Insitute

Charles Keller, MD
Prediction & Validation of a Novel Drug Combination Against Anaplastic Wilms’ Tumor

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Frank M. Balis, MD
GD2 as a Circulating Tumor Biomarker and Clinical Trial Endpoint for Neuroblastoma

Michael Chorny, PhD
Targeted Neuroblastoma Pharmacotherapy Using Nanocarriers

Children’s Oncology Group and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reserach Center

Soheil Meshinchi, MD, PhD
Target Pediatric AML