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Counseling and Webinars

CURE’s web-based learning was designed for families interested in learning more information on topics related to the childhood cancer experience. Click to view our current webinar offerings.

From our patients

“Our cancer diagnosis and treatment cycle was an absolute whirlwind! Everything happened so quickly and our hospital stays were so long and so hard. It was difficult for me to pull away to get down to the cafeteria to eat much less leaving the hospital to get food. Tuesday CURE lunches started to become a welcomed respite while at Egleston. Sometimes we anticipated the Tuesday lunch. Other times, the days of the week started to blur after a tough time and there were many Tuesdays we didn’t realize it until lunch time! My son would say, “Ooooohhh Mama, it’s Tuesday, I wonder what CURE’s going to bring today.” If I wondered loudly what I would eat for lunch, he would say “Don’t worry, CUREs bringing lunch today.” We were blessed many times by the CURE support staff and the lunches and dinners that are provided on the Aflac floor for patients and families! So thankful to you!”