Conviction and action are childhood cancer's worst nightmare.

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to be supported by a large grassroots following of committed volunteers and advocates. Known as Believers, these committed individuals help drive our initiatives forward every day.

Continuing to bring the heat.

"When we saw how little was being done on the federal level and how devastating childhood cancer is, my wife Chris and I decided we had to help. Our support for CURE is 24/7, and we love every minute it."

Tom Glavine
Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves pitcher

You might be a hero.

Even our funniest Believer can get serious when it comes to defeating childhood cancer. Just listen to Jeff Foxworthy and see why CURE is so grateful for his involvement.

Literally at the children's side.

"You bet I'm a Believer. I have spent time with children receiving treatment for pediatric cancer and seen all the inspiration I need on their faces. Just like I can see the passion on the faces of everyone at CURE."

John Deushane
President & General Manager, WXIA-TV
CURE Advisory Council Member

Spare time proved to be the most valuable of all.

"Getting involved with CURE was the easiest and most rewarding decision I ever made."

CURE volunteer,

The words enthusiasm and mission
spread far and wide.

You need to watch American Grit on Fox this Sunday. In this episode, there is a special tribute to a local Jenkins High School student, Toraya Garvin (who lost her battle with childhood cancer in November) from contestant @melaniemahanna and the team.

If you are in Savannah, tomorrow at 7pm, John Burk and Laura Robeson will be at Coach
The heartbeat of CURE Childhood Cancer is the children and families we serve. Our goal is to walk beside young patients and their families from diagnosis through treatment and beyond, providing critical assistance at every step of their journeys. These are just a few ways in which we provide tangible, ongoing support.
We won
Happy first day of Summer from CURE!
Join us as we fight against childhood cancer. Follow the link in our bio to learn more.
"We support CURE and its noble mission. Without CURE, physcicians wouldn
Wishing all of you dads the very best Father
“Dad, it
If your child has reached a milestone on their journey with childhood cancer, whether it be finishing treatment or graduating from school, CURE wants to share with our followers! Send us pictures or videos with a brief statement and we
On this Father’s Day, if you know someone who is trying to lead his family through childhood cancer or another family storm, understand that he isn’t as strong as he might appear. He is likely feeling out of control. As much as you would want to, you cannot take the wheel and steer for a while – that job is his alone. But you can listen, give him a hug, volunteer for the extra work project, mow his lawn, or take his other kids to a ballgame. By easing those burdens, maybe you can help him regain some measure of control as he rides out the wind and choppy seas.
Click here to learn more how you can help us win the fight against childhood cancer. www.curechildhoodcancer.org
Imagine a world without childhood cancer. No painful chemotherapy treatments. No emotional stress on children and their families. No financial sacrifice. This is the world we want to create. We hope that you will help us.
Join us in the fight against childhood cancer.
CURE is excited about our growing partnership with Hotel Equities! Besides financial support, they have jumped in to provide hands-on support to families of children with cancer, helping CURE serve meals in the hospital, accommodating families with lodging needs and more. We look forward to working together with this incredible organization as we work together to fight childhood cancer.
Our sole focus is the cure for childhood cancer. Consider donating to CURE Childhood Cancer to help us find a cure in this lifetime. Follow the link our bio to take action.
Over the past 30 years, average long term survival rates for children with cancer have increased from 30% to 80% today.
Once an impossible dream, curing childhood cancer has become achievable in our lifetime.
Meet the Smiths from Tallapoosa, Georgia. Ally is in treatment for leukemia and for her 4th birthday, instead of presents she asked for money to buy lunches because she loved getting the CURE Open Arms Meals so much. Her brother Jay asked for money to give toys to the kids in treatment. Together they raised over $1700 and also brought these toys to give!
After 29 spinal taps in 2 1/2 years, Jordan is putting leukemia in the rear view mirror. She had her last spinal tap on Monday May 22nd and today, June 1st is her last chemo!
10% of sales of "The Living Wyoming: A Photographic Tribute" will be donated to CURE Childhood Cancer from May 1st through July 31st!
This incredible book by Rich Rosenfeld is the second in a series of four. Covering the Southwestern Quadrant of Wyoming, it features over 350 beautiful images with historic information from every town in this area of the state.
Pick up your copy today and help us win the fight against childhood cancer!


If you believe childhood cancers can and should be solved, join us.

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