Conviction and action are childhood cancer's worst nightmare.

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to be supported by a large grassroots following of committed volunteers and advocates. Known as Believers, these committed individuals help drive our initiatives forward every day.

Continuing to bring the heat.

"When we saw how little was being done on the federal level and how devastating childhood cancer is, my wife Chris and I decided we had to help. Our support for CURE is 24/7, and we love every minute it."

Tom Glavine
Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves pitcher

You might be a hero.

Even our funniest Believer can get serious when it comes to defeating childhood cancer. Just listen to Jeff Foxworthy and see why CURE is so grateful for his involvement.

Literally at the children's side.

"You bet I'm a Believer. I have spent time with children receiving treatment for pediatric cancer and seen all the inspiration I need on their faces. Just like I can see the passion on the faces of everyone at CURE."

John Deushane
President & General Manager, WXIA-TV
CURE Advisory Council Member

Spare time proved to be the most valuable of all.

"Getting involved with CURE was the easiest and most rewarding decision I ever made."

CURE volunteer,

The words enthusiasm and mission
spread far and wide.

"Tishanna was a 13-year-old cheerleader at her middle school. She was always full of joy and a blessing to everyone she met. On July 30, 2014, Tishanna was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and needed a Bone Marrow Transplant, but none of her immediate family were matches." There was still hope because they soon discovered her sister was a half-match. Read Tishanna
"Four weeks after her first chemo treatment, Rachel achieved remission. In the childhood leukemia world, that means no VISIBLE signs of leukemic cells under a microscope. It does not mean no more leukemia. You see leukemia cells are sneaky and like to hide, sometimes taking months or years to develop enough to be visible." ⠀
Read all about Rachel
"Silas was a brave boy. He was smart, he was silly and sweet, he made people laugh, and everyone loved him. He should be learning to read and ride a bicycle. He should be playing with his brothers and making everyone laugh, but he is not here." ⠀
Read about Silas and his fight with cancer by clicking the link in our bio and finding his picture.⠀
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"I knew at this time something was definitely wrong. As we walked through the doors, my parents were there, nurses were running around getting a bed ready, and the doctors escorted us to a computer where they showed me and my husband what they had found. It was a mass pushing against Austin’s T-6 vertebra." ⠀
Read Austin
Joshua fought hard, enjoyed life and remained hopeful to the end. He was more concerned for his family and friends being left behind than he was for himself. ⠀
Read Joshua
"Throughout this process, Kayla and her family have had to endure physical pain, emotional pain, and mental frustration. Kayla has had three cancer- free scans and is excited about starting high school this year and making up for all of the things that she missed last year. She has a new perspective on her life and the things that she wants to accomplish." ⠀
To read Kayla
Bailey finished treatment in October of 2012 and has shown no evidence of disease (NED) since conclusion of her treatment almost five years ago. She is busy enjoying the many activities of high school and pursuing her ultimate goal of being a Paralympian. ⠀
To read her amazing story, click the link in our bio and find her picture.⠀
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"John Ashley can be described in one word: brilliant! He is a six-year-old boy currently fighting an aggressive cancer of the sympathetic nervous system called high-risk neuroblastoma, but he remains the light of his family. John is passionate about animals and he wants to become a paleontologist when he grows up." ⠀
Read John Ashley
"It’s been five years since Grace was diagnosed with cancer. So much has happened since then and our family is grateful for every single day that takes us further away from that diagnosis. Grace is now 18 years-old and a freshman at UGA!" Read Grace
"My hope is that through organizations like CURE, other children and their families will not have to go through what we have gone through. No child should have to endure what these children with cancer go through every day. While most children are playing with superheroes, these are heroes in real life and my son was one of them!" ⠀
To read about Lake
"BIOHAZARD, listed in BOLD RED LETTERS, was written over every bag of chemo being pumped through my little girl
Jaden has been very strong on this journey, he continues to tackle every obstacle that comes his way. He rarely shows signs of fear, and is always reminding us how important it is to be treated as a normal, healthy child. Read Jaden
Throughout the years of Will’s treatment, he faced daily challenges that no child should ever have to endure including extreme pain that we would wish upon any living creature. Despite these challenges, Will showed amazing strength and maturity. Read Will
"Ansley received ten months of in-patient chemotherapy and has endured several surgeries. I just wanted it to be me suffering through all the painful, traumatizing effects of the treatment that helped save my baby’s life. I have prayed and cried many nights on a hospital floor by her bedside, and my hope is that no other family will have to endure this type of pain." To read Ansley
"At a frail 75 pounds, Kylie was the strongest person I will ever know. During her treatment, there were tears, angst, cries of terror, and fits of rage – yet every day also contained smiles, hugs, warmth, joy, praise, and enough laughter and love to beat back at the enemy on her terms. Kylie will forever be my hero." ⠀
This is an excerpt from Kylie
"Barrett or "Bear” was diagnosed with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma (PPB) on February 28, 2017. Bear had a surgical resection and will continue to be closely monitored for the next 2 years." Read his entire story and why his parents fight for other children by clicking the link in our bio and finding Bear
Derrick loves to play, dance, and sing. You can also see him on Sunday directing the choir at church alongside his Uncle Dee. He plays the keyboard, drums, guitar, saxophone, and harmonica. And Derrick does all this without seeing the people he’s directing or the instruments he’s playing because Derrick is blind due to a tumor on his optical nerve. ⠀
Read his awe-inspiring story by clicking the link in our bio and finding his picture. #CUREChildhoodCancer #GoGold #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancer #kidsgetcancertoo #findacure  #pediatriccancer
"Through her 65 ½ month journey, Abby’s determined and fighting spirit pushed her forward each day. She was our miracle girl, our hero, and the sweetest girl we ever knew." ⠀
Read Abby
The doctor said, "Claire has leukemia." Claire was eight at the time and didn
Despite some setbacks and the many side effects of chemotherapy, Lauren continues to smile and be strong. Her motto is, "I am tougher than cancer!" Read Lauren


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