Conviction and action are childhood cancer's worst nightmare.

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to be supported by a large grassroots following of committed volunteers and advocates. Known as Believers, these committed individuals help drive our initiatives forward every day.

Continuing to bring the heat.

"When we saw how little was being done on the federal level and how devastating childhood cancer is, my wife Chris and I decided we had to help. Our support for CURE is 24/7, and we love every minute it."

Tom Glavine
Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves pitcher

You might be a hero.

Even our funniest Believer can get serious when it comes to defeating childhood cancer. Just listen to Jeff Foxworthy and see why CURE is so grateful for his involvement.

Literally at the children's side.

"You bet I'm a Believer. I have spent time with children receiving treatment for pediatric cancer and seen all the inspiration I need on their faces. Just like I can see the passion on the faces of everyone at CURE."

John Deushane
President & General Manager, WXIA-TV
CURE Advisory Council Member

Spare time proved to be the most valuable of all.

"Getting involved with CURE was the easiest and most rewarding decision I ever made."

CURE volunteer,

The words enthusiasm and mission
spread far and wide.

Thank you to Chesstronics and the Shirdi Sai Temple of Atlanta for sponsoring a scholastic chess tournament benefiting CURE. This unique fundraiser is a great example of merging a passion with a purpose. If you want to use your interests and passions to help kids fighting cancer, message us or email info@curechildhoodcancer.org. We would love to talk to you.
Think your spare change doesn
Has your family been affected by childhood cancer? Are you a looking to join the fight against it? 
We believe the best way to make others aware of childhood cancer is through your words as you share your child’s journey. Over the past 8 years, families like yours have raised nearly $2 million dollars for critical, life-saving research through our CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time. Your efforts will not only make a big difference for children currently on treatment but also for those precious children who have yet to be diagnosed. 
If you would like to Go Gold with CURE or know more about how you can participate, please message us or contact Lisa Branch at lisa@curechildhoodcancer.org. #GoGold #GoGold4CURE #ChildhoodCancer #CURE
Thank you, @ErinAlvey, for joining the fight against childhood cancer at the Coaches for Curing Cancer event in Savannah and thanks for taking special care of our friend, JD and his family.
Help us give childhood back to kids with cancer. www.curechildhoodcancer.org
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We
On January 28, 2017, some friends and I held a fundraiser we called Hunting, Fishing and Praying for a CURE. This event was one of my proudest moments because I could give back to the community that has helped me for such a long time. I also had the opportunity to speak that night and give my message to the audience. I said, “You all gave me your time, money, and support during my fight against cancer, and I want to give back to the community and help somebody else.” I encouraged everyone to do what they could to help these fighting kids. The event ran smoother than anyone could have expected because it was organized completely by a group of teenagers. We raised about $85,000 that night, and after expenses, we were able to give the four organizations $18,000 each!⠀
People may look at me and see a kid in a wheelchair with a really cute service dog and think, “Oh, that poor boy.”⠀
But I am here to tell you - I’m good… No, I’m great. I have a loving family, supportive friends, and a Nation behind me.⠀
My goal is to encourage that Nation to be a driving force in the fight against childhood cancer.⠀
- Chip Madren⠀
#CureChildhoodCancer #CURE #beatcancer #cancer
Last week, CURE participated with nearly 100 other childhood cancer organizations in the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer Summit in Chicago. This group is focused on collaborative efforts to break down barriers to research into safer and more effective treatments for childhood cancer and we are proud to be a part of this organization. We believe that together we can win this fight! #childhoodcancer #cac2 #cac2summit
“That one word, 6 letters, 2 syllables,” recalls Amari
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Have a great 4th! #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay
The Home of the Brave. Have a safe and happy 4th of July from CURE #IndepedenceDay #4thofJuly
For nearly two decades, CURE has funded the training of pediatric oncology fellows at Emory University School of Medicine. This helps ensure that those future oncologists receive the very best training to become excellent clinicians and researchers, focused on eradicating childhood cancer. Meet our fellows Dr. Jim Felker and Dr. Ryan Summers
"Because of better research and treatment, children who have cancer are living longer than they used to, and their quality of life is better." Cindy Sanders
Has your child reached a milestone (of any kind!) in their journey with cancer? We
Connect with CURE Childhood Cancer to learn more about the ways in which we provide tangible, ongoing support by following the link in our bio.


If you believe childhood cancers can and should be solved, join us.

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