Virtual Lauren's Run Weekend Challenge

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Lauren's Run Weekend Challenge as much as we did!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Below are the race results for those who uploaded their times.

Age GroupNameAgeTime
Women 10-14Ashlyn Grubbs1135.31
Emerson Grasso1137.10
Women 15-29Emily Reichart1837.43
Amber Grubbs1644.47
Women 20-29Elli Moreno2927.22
Nishtha Bhan2428.54
Reagan O’Connor2937.26
Jenna Forte2643.39
Emma Koutrelakos2861.40
Womean 30-39Kelly Landowski3821.28
Kathryn Meagley3124.11
Pia Calle3025.16
Katie Jensen3825.30
Apryl Lee3526.39
Linda Yoder3828.34
Ashley Graham3528.58
Kathryn Moore3330.03
Kristina Newton3631.09
Stephanie Williams3531.43
Kimberly Hamrick3135.05
Carly Smith3235.36
Amy Harris3436.55
Amber Munn3539.48
Kalyn Kight3040.31
Emily Tabacchi3140.47
Ashley Hardeman3352.41
Mandy Abercrombie3957.14
Ashley Zoller3666.59
Jessica Josefczyk3080.21
Stephanie Caraway3780.21
Crystal Ross3488.12
Women 40-49Petra Wilson4528.48
Jenny Elgan4232.35
Angela Grubbs4935.54
Karyn Taylor4337.08
Jennifer Schierts4440.26
Gia Ganesh4142.00
Amanda Korey4342.13
Jeanne McGowan4444.40
Kajal Jain4645.32
Leiselle Clark4549.51
Colette Peaks4252.43
Andrea Schlappi4256.58
Women 50-59Donna Hodges5226.36
Michelle Lee5129.16
Tracy Pendley5330.12
Christie Williams5033.55
Robin Winston5639.00
Cheryl Hill5244.32
Beth Hill5657.08
Jeanine Elam5260.41
Shelley Elias5076.42
Women 60-69Nellie Thomas6029.52
Men Under 10Neel Ganesh842.13
Men 10-14Aarush Ganesh1340.11
Lex Stolle1148.49
Men 20-29Joe Milley2421.45
Jacob Uhrin2422.58
David Gilliam2926.30
Nathan Jones2929.36
Marc Sugrue2731.36
Men 30-39Juan Calle3217.52
Robert Riley3023.23
Brad McKlveen3624.18
Steven Ferenczy3326.19
Steven Ferenczy3426.19
Men 40-49Wayne Yoder4120.32
Jack Baldwin4021.29
Marc Mize4223.13
Ryan Jones4225.50
Brian Grasso4228.00
Jason Rowe4328.00
Conan Adams4239.08
Ganesh Ram4644.23
Men 50-59Jeff Elam5540.00

Virtual Lauren's Run Race Bibs

The CURE Picnic

We may not be able to be together this year, but it wouldn’t be Lauren’s Run without the CURE Annual Picnic. With that in mind, we’ve collected some great recipes and games for your family to enjoy this weekend. Click the button below for the Virtual Picnic Kit.

Virtual Picnic Kit