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Give Children with Cancer the Best Chance to Thrive

When she was three years old,  Maylee was diagnosed with leukemia. The standard treatment was very hard on her tiny body, forcing long hospital stays and emotional distress. After three long years of chemo, she was cancer-free! But not for long.

When her cancer came back, a new approach to curing her leukemia was available thanks to CURE’s investment in research. Using “precision medicine,” doctors were able to determine the genetic makeup of Maylee’s tumor. They found a genetic mutation they could target with a new treatment plan which quickly brought her to remission.

Although precision medicine is standard and has been used in adult cancer treatment for years, it has only recently become available to children – and only those with high-risk or relapsed cancers. Our goal is to ensure all children have access to precision medicine at diagnosis just like adults – so they receive the best treatment and a chance to thrive. We need your help to make this happen.

We believe children should be a priority and right now, your donation can go even further!

Through a special $100,000 matching gift, your donation through May 31, 2021 will have double the impact.

Your Donation can be their CURE.