Making Room for Kids with Cancer

Jalin began his cancer fight at the tender age of two with a surgery to remove a tumor pressing on his optic nerve. While its location made it too risky for surgeons to take the entire tumor, it remained dormant for many years… until August 2020.

“The tumor was growing rapidly, and he became partially blind in his left eye,” said Jalin’s mother, Stacey. “We had to come to Atlanta to begin treatment right away.”

Driving to Atlanta may seem simple, but Jalin lives 3 ½ hours away in Statesboro, and their appointments start early in the morning. That’s where CURE has stepped in to help, covering the cost of hotel lodging for Jalin’s family and others who must travel far for treatment. With CURE’s help, Stacey can drive to Atlanta the night before Jalin’s appointments and be ready to begin treatment early the next day.

“CURE has been a Godsend,” shared Stacey. “His tumor is stable now, but we will be coming to Atlanta for the next eighteen months, and hotel stays would get expensive!”

CURE helps families devastated by a childhood cancer diagnosis in tangible ways. Your gift allows us to help families like Jalin’s as they drive the road to recovery.


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