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Lauren's Story

After beating neuroblastoma as a toddler, Lauren’s cancer returned when she was in high school. Over the next few years, doctors tried every treatment option available with only limited success. After chemotherapies, radiation, and immunotherapies had all failed to eliminate the cancer, Lauren
was out of options.

Thankfully, because of CURE’s funding of a new precision medicine program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, doctors had something new to try. Lauren’s tumors were tested to determine if there was a genetic reason her cancer was resisting treatment.

The results showed Lauren’s tumors had a genetic mutation for which there is a drug known to be effective. Lauren was immediately enrolled in a clinical trial, and after only four cycles of the trial drug, 13 of 14 tumors disappeared. The one remaining tumor is believed to be inactive.

The precision medicine program has given Lauren, and other children like her, a chance at life. Lauren is enjoying her freshman year of college with a bright future ahead. This has been made possible only through your support.

Precision medicine offers one of the best available opportunities to advance the fight against pediatric cancer. It costs $5000 to sequence the genes of one child who has run out of treatment options – a child like Lauren. Your gift of any amount will help us further our focus on precision medicine.

If you have any questions while trying to make an online donation, please feel free to contact us at 770-986-0035 or 800-443-CURE (2873). You may also email us at [email protected].