We hope you enjoyed the 27th annual Lauren’s Run & CURE Childhood Cancer Annual Picnic as much as we did.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Below are the race results for those who uploaded their times.

Name Time
Women 20-29 Ashley Alemanni 31.46
Caroline Wible 36.45
Women 30-39 Rose Martin 22.51
Kathryn Meagley 24.25
Kathryn Zeh 29.28
Linda Yoder 29.41
Emily Bakshi 30.03
Michelle Mumford 1.26.56
Women 40-49 Michelle Rohrig 27.57
Rachael Rodgers 31.36
Mandy Abercrombie 40.00
Random Stranger 58.56
Andrea Allen 62.50
Kajal Jain 69.54
Women 50-59 Tracy Pendley 30.03
Karen Webb 38.55
Men 20-29 Tanner Kogel 22.29
Cole Withers 24.10
Wade Smith 26.49
Freddie Medrano 32.57
Men 30-39 Cory Carmin 26.30
Tony Bakshi 28.33
Men 40-49 Wayne Yoder 20.34
Lance Allen 25.44
Bobby Kircher 28.10
Men 50-59 Jeff Elam 39.00

Virtual Lauren's Run Race Bibs

The CURE Picnic

We may not be able to be together this year, but it wouldn’t be Lauren’s Run without the CURE Annual Picnic. With that in mind, we’ve collected some great recipes and games for your family to enjoy this weekend. Click the button below for the Virtual Picnic Kit.

Virtual Picnic Kit