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A Letter from Kristin Connor

Dear CURE friends,

As CURE’s Executive Director, I have to admit I’m finding it hard to know how and what to communicate with you in these unprecedented times. Each day brings more news of the realities of this pandemic, and I find my heart overwhelmed as I think about the hardship falling on so many around the world.

Yet even in the midst of this crisis, so many of you, our friends and supporters, have reached out asking what is happening with the families we serve and how to help. It takes my breath away that so many continue to focus on the needs of our families at a time like this. I pray that the best of humanity continues to shine through as our country moves through this crisis.

As you know, the families we serve are among the most vulnerable, as children with cancer have compromised immune systems, making it difficult, if not impossible, to fight COVID-19. The need to protect them from exposure is very real, and many of our families are having to take extreme measures to keep their children safe. Parents must choose not to go to work, to grocery stores – even to the hospital cafeteria – to minimize risks of exposure. Many are already experiencing lost income. Consider, for example, the family of a little boy with leukemia that travels four hours each way for treatment. Several months ago, his single mom had to quit her full-time job in order to care for him. To have more control of her schedule, she has been providing in-home health services. Since the COVID-19 crisis, she has had to stop working altogether and now has no income. Working in lockstep with the child’s hospital social worker, CURE is providing financial assistance to this family and so many others in similar circumstances.

Providing meals to parents and caregivers of hospitalized children continues to be a need. Many have expressed stress and anxiety about having to go to the cafeteria or out for food. Not only are expenses a concern, but the fear of being exposed to the virus and bringing it back to their child is keeping these parents from going out. We have been working with the hospitals to find the safest way to help. For now, we are delivering boxed meals to these patients and parents. The added benefit is that we can support our hurting restaurant partners with this business.

We are also working with our counselors to determine the feasibility of tele-mental health services for our families and staff. Coping in these times is certainly a challenge for everyone.

Thank you for your concern. For those wanting and able to help, we are grateful for your support. Please donate through the form below.

Please stay well, everyone! You and your families are in our hearts. We will continue to keep you informed.




Kristin Connor
Executive Director

If you have any questions while trying to make an online donation, please feel free to contact us at 770-986-0035 or 800-443-CURE (2873). You may also email us at [email protected].