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Cancer is part of Easton's story, help write the next chapter

Any story can defy boundaries of time, space, or maps – especially when a child is writing! Easton plans on being a doctor when he grows up. But the setting of his story isn’t a bustling city or small town. Easton plans to live on a farm on a beach where he will own a longhorn cow named Barney. Those logistics may be difficult to overcome, but he’s already conquered more challenges than most adults.

When he was just six years old, Easton’s parents noticed red spots and bruising on his body. A few days later, Easton was diagnosed with high-risk leukemia, and his cancer story began. His treatment involving chemotherapy and spinal taps will continue until 2023. At that time, he hopes to close the book on cancer for good. While cancer will always be part of Easton’s story, it doesn’t have to be the defining chapter. Easton has big dreams for his future, and his farm on the beach is just a part of it. 

You can help change the story for children like Easton. Your gift of any amount will allow us to fund research that will lead to better cures while supporting families devastated by a childhood cancer diagnosis.