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CURE Childhood Cancer's Corporate Challenge
February 12-23, 2024


Join Novelis, PwC, EY, KMPG, and RGP in the CURE Corporate Challenge and make a powerful impact while showcasing your company’s commitment to social responsibility. Elevate team morale, foster healthy competition, and build a stronger community—all while contributing to CURE Childhood Cancer’s mission. With over $77,000 raised to date, this challenge offers a unique opportunity for your company to play a vital role in conquering childhood cancer. Simply sign up, use your customized fundraising page to spread awareness, and leverage custom co-branded challenge t-shirts to boost fundraising. Be a leader in the fight against childhood cancer and compete for the 2024 trophy!


Open to all companies and businesses, we extend a warm invitation to join the challenge. Embrace friendly competition and elevate the excitement by challenging your business partners and competitors. Upon registration, unleash your team or department’s creativity in fundraising for the challenge. We will make it easy for you! Keep track of real-time standings as you all strive for victory in this dynamic corporate initiative.


  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility: Engaging in philanthropy and supporting CURE enhances your company’s image and reputation, showcasing a commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond business operations.
  • Strengthened Brand Equity: Collaborating with CURE provides an opportunity to align your brand with a socially conscious initiative. This alignment fosters trust and loyalty among consumers who increasingly prefer to support businesses with a demonstrated commitment to social issues, ultimately strengthening the company’s brand equity.
  • Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: More than ever, today’s employees appreciate working for companies that prioritize social impact, fostering a positive workplace culture.

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