Volunteer Spotlight – Pete and Mel Delin

By July 24, 2014 No Comments

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.41.10 PMAs they say at Nike®… “Just Do It”!  Most of the time that will be sound advice. But, when it comes to volunteering for CURE Childhood Cancer, there is always a wonderful and inspiring outcome!

Melanie and I have been volunteering for over seven years. We do it to help the kids and families in their battle against this horrible disease that steals so much from so many. We do it to help raise money to support research. We do it to help support the nurses and doctors. We do it to help raise awareness. We do it for the wonderful families who are the quiet heroes in a long and painful battle during treatment and recovery. And, like most volunteers, we do it to help…we want to give back!

But, as every volunteer will tell you, the volunteer will get far more out of the volunteering experience than you can ever give back. Whether its Lauren’s Run, the Annual Golf Classic, the Believe Ball or the Sam Robb Brewfest, you will have a great time and be inspired beyond expectations. And, volunteering for CURE Childhood Cancer will put life’s daily journey into a very different perspective.

So, if you are not volunteering…”Just Do It”! If you already volunteer, consider doing it more.  And, most importantly, take the kids, take friends and tell everybody you can so that they can experience the joy and inspiration that you do and so that we can continue to build a larger and more passionate army of volunteers to win the battle against childhood cancer.

And, thank you to the CURE families for the lessons Melanie and I have learned from all of you. And, thanks to the brave children and families, thanks to the doctors and nurses and fellow volunteers…you have inspired us in extraordinary ways!

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