Two-Time Cancer Survivor uses her Love for Jewelry to Give Back to CURE.

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Paige JansenPaige Jansen is a two-time cancer survivor with a purpose. While going through chemotherapy, Paige was struck as she watched young people suffer through treatment. “How unfair,” she thought. “There has to be something that can be done so that someone at such a young age does not have to suffer.”

Paige’s focus changed from her own poor prognosis – only a 20% chance of survival and more than one cancer diagnosis – to the struggles of other cancer patients. In 2007, she launched Saint Vintage Jewelry, an eco-friendly luxury brand that gives back to cancer research.

Paige works fervently with her team to fund cancer research one piece of jewelry at a time by donating up to 50% of the proceeds to cancer research all year round. Saint Vintage takes pieces of the past and turns them into trendsetting treasures. Known for her hand crafted designs, Paige uses a combination of vintage and antique embellishments, along with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, antique glass, vintage beads and antique pearls, crafting truly one of a kind bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A number of celebrity fans have linked arms with the Atlanta-based brand, including Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel and Giuliana Rancic and more—all in the name of finding a cure.

In addition to funding cancer research through CURE, Stand Up to Cancer, and other organizations, for the last three years, Paige has lovingly donated an exquisite piece of jewelry to each honored mother attending “A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes,” more than 750 pieces in total.

“Paige is an incredible inspiration and true champion,” says CURE Executive Director, Kristin Connor. “She’s taken her own life challenges and channeled them into something extraordinarily impactful for all who face cancer today and who will face cancer in the future.”

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