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True Friends: An Essay by Marc Nolan

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Unknown-2Marc Nolan and Sean Michael Dever have been friends since they were toddlers. The boys are now 13 and their friendship remains stronger than ever. When Marc received a school assignment to write an oratorical about “A Person Who Has Touched Many Lives,” the choice was obvious. He wrote about his friend, Sean:

When you ask people to name someone who has touched many lives, their first responses would usually be of religious figures, athletes, entertainers and so on. The person whom I believe has touched many lives is a friend. He is 13 years old like me and I’ve known him since before kindergarten. He used to attend St. Joseph School and was on my soccer team that our dads coached. His name is Sean Dever. Almost two years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer on his left knee. I for one spazzed out. Wouldn’t you be spazzing out if you found out one of your best friends had cancer?

But it wasn’t only me. Everyone was upset. Everyone was sad. Everyone was afraid. It was a shock to many of us how this could happen not only to someone we cared about, but to someone who is so young like we are. This is because so many people cared for Sean and his family. We couldn’t imagine what he and his family were going through. This news triggered an outpouring of support and prayers for Sean’s healing. I’ve always know Sean to be a tough person. Through his illness and pain, Sean remained strong, brave and most of all, faithful.

Through word of mouth, emails and a Caring Bridge website, more and more people learned about Sean, and they were touched with how he was coping with his day-to-day battle with cancer. People from all over the world were leaving Sean messages of support. It was amazing!

Those people who have been touched by Sean say that they appreciate life more and don’t let the small things bother them. Many people became aware of childhood cancer and are volunteering their time or donating money to help find a cure. We have had rallies and races to raise money and awareness because of what Sean has experienced and how it has affected his life and his future. A lot of us have stronger faith in God because through Sean, we were reminded of God’s love.

Eventually, Sean had to go through chemotherapy and had to have his left leg amputated. So many thoughts and prayers came pouring in and the miracle today is that Sean can walk and play sports with a prosthesis and is cancer free. I’ve played basketball against Sean recently and it is awesome how he doesn’t let anything stop him. He now also plays lacrosse and gets better everyday with his prosthesis.

Many people become famous and touch people’s lives once they are grown ups. To me, it is a bigger achievement to be able to touch people’s lives while you are young. I am glad Sean is my friend and has touched so many lives – especially mine.


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