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Remembering Sam’s Last Days and Life-Changing Moments

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529586_10151009551618748_1323604540_nEvery day, 720 children are diagnosed with cancer.  However, that number doesn’t even amount to the many families and supporters affected by childhood cancer on a daily basis. As with any difficulty we may experience in life, it is while facing these challenges that we remember how precious family, love, and other invaluable matters are. While battling bone cancer, Sam Robb lived one moment and day at a time using his strong, inspiring spirit to encourage friends, families and fellow patients affected by cancer to fight this disease head on. Sam’s family shares their life-changing moments experienced with Sam below:

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment. Our journey started with Sam’s first diagnosis of bone cancer. A relapse diagnosis is a life-changing moment as well. June is the month we remember when Sam had a chest X-ray to reveal the bone cancer had returned in his lungs. Our focus for this time in June was to consult with doctors to determine surgery, potential treatment options and more.

Sam’s focus was to continue to live life to the fullest – knowing that life had changed. The time between Father’s Day, our last family meal together, and June 25th are reflective times. We have warm memories that bring both a smile and tear: like Sam meeting with a surgeon to discuss high risk procedure one moment, and simultaneously coordinating times to be with friends. He would have liked to invite the surgeon’s P.A. to join him. When Sam was with friends there was no discussion of cancer, surgery or treatments. Sam knew the importance of being in the moment taking one day at a time and he set the tone for everyone.

Life-changing… everyone has these experiences and the way we respond is most important. Sam gave us the example in his final months to focus on the important aspects of life which included faith, family and friends. Sam’s life-changing experiences motivated him to live his life to fullest. 

Our life-changing moment was losing Sam in surgery. In our minds, he will be forever young, strong and inspiring. He set an example – to his friends and fellow patients – to fight cancer and make a difference. Sam’s memory has been our inspiration with our efforts for CURE Childhood Cancer. We appreciate the strong circle of friends we have because of Sam. Your support has helped us to raise more than $80,000 this fiscal year-to-date, and our efforts for the past seven years have contributed over $450,000 to CURE. Dr. Johnathan Metts is the third Sam Robb Fellow, and we expanded our support to include the Open Arms family outreach program within CURE. Thank you!

This growing circle of friends has enabled us to turn the loss of Sam into an opportunity to make a difference. Thank you for staying connected with our family and helping us to fight childhood cancer in Sam’s memory.

God Bless,

Sam, Annamarie, Liz, Caroline and Katherine


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