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Remembering Sam Robb on Mother’s Day

By May 9, 2014 No Comments


This Mother’s Day, Annamarie, mother of Sam Robb shares the importance of fellowship and friendship when living out her son’s memory.

Thank you to my fellow Mothers for their friendship to help our family with all our efforts in Sam’s Memory. On this holiday, I can celebrate our blessings, and I am comforted by your camaraderie, as a Mom, Friend and Advocate.

Your support has helped our family raise over $400,000 since the loss of Sam. Our family is comforted to know, Sam’s love of life and his story of fighting childhood cancer live. We are amazed by our ever growing circle of friends who help us with our efforts. Thank you!

We understand the battle families have to undergo when they receive a diagnosis of childhood cancer.  The patients and their families need such a broad range of support, which CURE Childhood Cancer works to provide.  Thank you for helping our family to supporting CURE’s mission with the Fellowship Program and Open Arms as part of Sam’s Fund.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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