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Remembering Our Children this Mother’s Day

By May 12, 2013 No Comments

This Mother’s Day, please enjoy the words below from Annamarie Robb, mother of Sam Robb.

Sam Robb Being a mother gives you an anchor in time. Children become our point of reference in time-before or after, when children were young or now grown. Sam is forever young in our memories. We see his friends moving into new thresholds of life–careers, relationships, engagements, marriage, and children.

While some may think my time as Sam’s Mom was limited, it’s unlimited. Each time I go to the hospital to serve dinner to families, I am Sam’s Mom. I am touched to have the smiling faces of nurses who still remember Sam from ten years ago. When we lose our children, we lose a part of ourselves. Comfort comes from friends and family who continue to remember.

Thank you for providing support for all our efforts in Sam’s memory.

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Annamarie

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