Reflecting on A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes

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A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes is a unique and inspiring event. A yearly luncheon, the event honors mothers of children with cancer, whose love and dedication guides their families through the storm. And it’s our way to let these courageous moms know we care about what they’ve been through and what they continue to endure.

Below, Jill Becker reflects on the event:

I remember that first Quiet Heroes luncheon nine years ago. I had been asked to emcee by Kristin Connor–my new friend who had left her job as an attorney to become Executive Director at CURE. She was so grateful for her son Brandon’s recovery from neuroblastoma, she felt called to give back.

9085-146I’ve never felt comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, in spite of being a news anchor, but being the mom of a child who survived cancer, a Quiet Hero as it were, I felt it was a good fit. So, on that sunny Saturday, I headed to a Buckhead ballroom. I didn’t know these women for the most part, but they were smiling and motivated and actually “sunny” themselves–not necessarily what you’d expect from a group of cancer moms. A beautiful blond appeared, with a radiant smile and a big “Hello, my friend!” It was the host of Quiet Heroes, Chris Glavine. It was her idea to honor moms of kids with cancer after the brother of her son’s classmate was diagnosed, and raise money to fight the disease. I had never met her, but at that moment, I felt I had known her forever.

The luncheon was beautiful, and more than that, it was special. I think everyone there felt it. It was a new approach to fundraising for pediatric cancer, singling out the moms of these kids, thanking them for staying strong in this gut wrenching and heart breaking journey with their child, for keeping life together when their world was falling apart.

9085-058That afternoon, most of the people there felt a bond. It may have been in its infancy stage, but a bond nonetheless. It seemed to be the beginning of a “sisterhood” with the women attending and the women volunteering to make the afternoon happen. The people in that room sensed this was the birth of something special, something lasting…a sisterhood of women who would always be there, no matter how difficult life became.

I have had the honor of emceeing all nine Quiet Heroes luncheons. At the first, CURE honored 100 moms and raised $100,000 to fight pediatric cancer. Quiet Heroes 2013 honored 215 moms, and raised more than $375,000. The amount raised over the years has surpassed $2.5 million dollars.

We have come a long way since that first Quiet Heroes, both in fighting pediatric cancer and in supporting moms and families of kids who are diagnosed. The work isn’t done. The fight continues to end pediatric cancer in our lifetime. What will never end, is the love, support, and comfort of this sisterhood of Quiet Heroes, and the people who continue to hold them in their arms and in their hearts.

The event would not be possible without Jill Becker, Chris Glavine, the donors, and the volunteers. Without each and every one of them, we would not be able to provide such a wonderful event for these moms. We want to thank each and every one of them.

To see photos from the event, click here.

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