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Random Act of Kindness Ensures Cancer Family’s Safe Travels to and from Hospital

By December 11, 2014 One Comment

The kindness of strangers can move mountains. Recently, a CURE mother shared with us a story that brought tears to our eyes. Please read her letter, and how the generosity of the team at AutoNation Ford of Marietta helped make a REAL impact on her family’s life.

“In September I attended the Quiet Heroes luncheon in Atlanta, put on by Chris and Tom Glavine along with CURE Childhood Cancer. At the event they give the moms these wonderful goody bags filled with great stuff. And this year my bag included a free oil and filter change from AutoNation. Since we were heading to Atlanta for my son’s doctor appointment, I called and Spoke with Chris Brown at AutoNation and let him know that I drive a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL. We decided the best place to bring my car would be the AutoNation Ford of Marietta off Cobb Pkwy. Chris hooked me up with Jeff Jackson, at that dealership.

I had a few strange noises coming from my car and asked if they wouldn’t mind looking at that and pricing it for me, but not to do anything but the oil change because money is very tight for us. He said they needed to keep the car for at least for 24 hours to figure out the noises. They put me into a really nice 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium overnight and said he would call before they did any work and would let me know my cost. The day and night went on, as normal.

The next day I went to pick up my car. They had given me all four new tires, balance and alignment, new brakes, replaced all the belts, new windshield wipers all around the car, fixed the leaks from my antifreeze and window spray, cleaned my car inside and out, filled my gas tank full, and completed the oil and filter change. It was all COMPLETLY FREE. They went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I cried a lot. I am so very thankful for everything they did to ensure a safe drive for me and my kids as we travel back and forth from Savannah to Atlanta for my son’s oncology appointments. I just cant say thanks enough to AutoNation enough for everything.

Pretty much everything they fixed I would have put off, especially the tires. It’s just not a good time for us right now and I couldn’t afford it. But this means the world to me and I wanted to give many, many thanks to Jeff and AutoNation Ford of Marietta. I am so very blessed for this to have happened for us and never thought anything like this would ever happen. Also a huge Thank You to Chris and Tom Glavine and CURE for the Quiet Heroes luncheon. If it wasn’t for them this would have never happened.”

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  • heidi says:

    As parents who have sick kids that we have to drive everyday to and from doctors appointments I can fully understand how WONDERFUL this act of kindness was!

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