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Printing Company Standard Press: A Loyal Partner for More Than Five Years

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For the past five years Standard Press has been a loyal partner of CURE Childhood Cancer, providing us with the wonderful printed materials that you see each and every year.

Standard Press Standard Press was founded in 1932 upon a simple philosophy: customer-first service, outstanding quality. Located in Atlanta’s Westside, just off of Huff road, they are a family-owned and family-managed print shop that has worked diligently to provide new materials – and ideas – for CURE. Currently in their third-generation of management, owner Andy Shulman learned about CURE when our board president, April Voris, approached him about a partnership.

“As a parent of four children, it was an easy decision to support CURE. It is an honor to partner with such an amazing organization,” said Andy Shulman.

Responsible for the printing of our quarterly newsletters, annual reports, annual campaign brochures, flyers, cards and much more, Standard Press supports CURE through providing a discounted pricing structure. Not only that, but many projects are even printed for free, including the CURE Valentine’s Day cards, Mother’s Day cards, and Named Fund flyers. Just last month, we picked up seven boxes full of free flyers that we will put to use over the next few years. The price of printed materials can be a set-back for many non-profit organizations and we are immensely grateful to have such a loyal supporter.

“I was taught at a young age by my parents the importance of giving back,” said Andy. “First and foremost, giving back helps people – and that is exactly what CURE is doing every single day.”

CURE is truly thankful for the support that Standard Press has provided over the past five years and we are looking forward to many more years of their beautifully-printed materials.





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