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Unknown-2By Blake Sorrell

What is optimism? For the past year and a half, my sister has been dealing with something that no human being should have to go through. This thing is leukemia or what we call cancer of the blood. Leukemia is when you don’t have enough red blood cells because there are too many white blood cells. Optimism helps us get through this tragedy. Don’t be gloomy and disappointed, look at the positive. Just look at where we are today. She is alive.

My sister’s amazing story has also inspired so many people to be optimistic. My family has spoken at many events that have helped to raise money to fi nd more cures for childhood cancer. Many optimistic people have helped to support families that have to go through chemotherapy. Real optimism is facing a disease with faith and hope. Watching her have her port (which is like an IV in her chest) accessed, taking shots in her legs, and swallowing pills every single day has made me optimistic.

She was only three years old when this long journey began. She has continued to have chemo every month since March 2007. She will finish all of the treatments in June 2009. Without optimism, this entire process would have been unbearable. She is one of the bravest people you will ever meet. She is in kindergarten. She was so optimistic that last year I remember her literally crying during home school saying, “Mommy I’m going to go to school next year,” and now she is. Isn’t optimism great? She even tried out for the talent show and made it.

I am so proud to be related to this little angel. Some kids basically call their brother or sister names just to offend them. It is a different story in my house. She is a great person and did not deserve to have cancer. But it made us (as in my family) better people and more optimistic.Unknown-1


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  • Blake,

    You hit it on the head with faith and hope. With so many kids facing the giant known as cancer, they and their family turn to their strong faith, just like David had done with Goliath. He conquered a giant as well with basically nothing but faith, hope, and courage. Just like children going up against cancer. I’m so happy to read that your sister is winning the battle and that your family has made it their mission to be advocates for such an important cause.

    My daughter is a cancer survivor as well and we have published a book that we hope reaches out to others: Time Out: A Family’s Journey of Faith and Hope through Childhood Cancer. I’d be happy to send you a copy.

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