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We love hearing from the families we serve about the positive difference CURE Childhood Cancer makes in the lives of so many. Throughout the year, families send us notes of thanks that are simply affirming and inspiring. This Thanksgiving, we love nothing more than to share some of these beautiful notes with you:


The CURE counseling program has really helped my son cope with the anger he held inside from dealing with his cancer. He was always excited to go “play” with the therapist – he didn’t realize he was getting help.  She really got him to open up about his internal feelings of anger about all of his treatment.  This program really helped us because our insurance does not cover counseling. We are so thankful for CURE making this this possible for us!


Our son, passed away after a 3 year battle with Leukemia. During the 3 year period we spent many weeks at Egleston Children’s Hospital. While our stays were often too long and too frequent they were always made easier with the help and kindness of CURE. The Tuesday lunches and Thursday suppers were always a welcomed break from the cafeteria. From the very beginning, you were there with a CURE bag and words of encouragement. While our journey may not have ended the way we hoped for, the journey was made easier with your help. May you be blessed for all you do to help and encourage others as they make this journey with their child.


Thank You and everyone at CURE for all you do for families.  CURE plays a vital role in parents’ lives.  I always looked forward to Thursday night dinners.  Such a simple thing really.  Not to mention all the events throughout the year for families fighting the fight with their kids and also the ones like my family that lose the fight.  I have such profound thanks to all of you as just today I got my annual card remembering my child.


Thank you so very much for the assistance in paying some bills for our family as our daughter, goes through treatment to cure a brain tumor. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.


Cobb Moms was honored to be a part of such an important event. [Lauren’s Run and the CURE Picnic]. It truly was an amazing day. There was so much love and joy poured into the planning and radiating from the children, families and volunteers. I think each one of us was moved to tears at least once. Thank you for having us be a part of it. We had a great time and look forward to next year’s picnic!


How do you thank someone? Nothing matters more than our little boy’s recovery from cancer, yet our children need a roof over their heads, food, heat in the winter, a working vehicle to drive our son for his treatments, to get to the grocery store…

Before our son was diagnosed, the world we were raising our children in seemed rather bleak, selfishness the norm, anger, heartache, crime increasing – not the dream every parent historically has for their children’s future. But we were wrong. Amidst the heartache and terror of having a child being treated for cancer these past five years, has come the realization that we are indeed, never alone in this world, that there are so many people who truly care! Some are families who have walked in our shoes and know all too well the road we travel. Many have not and yet reach out in the name of a child, often they have never even met!

How do you thank someone? Do you tell about the tears that trickle upon your face when you think of the sacrifice for your child and family? Do you describe the conversations you have with your children, when you get to say “see, no matter how difficult things may get, God will always help us, and see how He does it through the hands of such kind people”? Do you simply say that a burden lifted from an already heavy heart, lightens the load enough to allow much needed smiles and laughter in between the pain?

How do you thank someone? I know I don’t know anything that could ever fully express how we feel. I guess, you just say the words. From the deepest recesses of our hearts, THANK YOU!


Thank you to all of our supporters for enabling us to do this critical work.


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  • Devon Seeley says:

    Thank you for thinking of my other kids during this trial with my eldest son! We have been down in Atlanta for 1/2 of Danyel’s radiation therapy among the other appointments that he has and we went home last week to find a package with a thoughtful gift for my other 3 kids. They are enjoying them! It was a nice way to let them know they aren’t forgotten during this time! Thank you!