Introducing our “Loud Heroes”

By October 23, 2015 No Comments

A Tribute To Our Quiet Heroes is a splendid celebration of mothers of children with cancer. Since its inception, groups of moms have gathered ahead of the luncheon to simply have more time together, making a weekend out of it. Moms meet each other in clinic, during hospital stays, at events like Quiet Heroes and sometimes even online – such as on Facebook groups like “the Aflac Mamas.” They instantly have a bond – their children have fought or are currently fighting cancer.  They all “get it.”

This year, Tami Arrowood, whose 13-year-old daughter Audrey battled ovarian cancer, thought it would be great to get a group of moms to spend Friday night at the InterContinental Hotel Buckhead prior to Quiet Heroes. She posted her idea on the Aflac Mamas Facebook page, and there was immediate interest. Ultimately, a group of 17 moms decided to gather on Friday. Playing on the Quiet Heroes event name, they called themselves the “Loud Heroes,” knowing they would enjoy a night of laughter and fun ahead of the luncheon. Unbelievably, an anonymous donor paid for all nine hotel rooms so the moms could truly enjoy a stress-free night away!!

Tami said “each year the Quiet Heroes luncheon is so fun that we wanted to extend it. It’s the event itself that brought us all together. And this event has spawned its first offspring – ‘Loud Heroes’.”

In preparation for the big night, one mom made homemade foot scrub for each person, another made cookies decorated with the words “Loud Heroes” and a third created “Loud Heroes” t-shirts for each mom. Friday, they relaxed by the pool and enjoyed a fun, noisy dinner together. Incredibly, on their “night off,” some of the moms took meals to families they knew were inpatient at Scottish Rite. Afterwards, they sat in the courtyard and shared stories – heart-warming and heart-wrenching – and they laughed and cried into the night.

Kasie Hart, whose awesome son, Robert, has been fighting Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) for five years, said, “It was a much needed night of laughter and amazing conversation with women who know exactly how I feel.” And four-year-old ALL warrior Peyton’s mom, Shannon Greene, commented, “It was so nice to just have time to talk, cry, tell funny stories, show our scars and just be ‘ladies’ for the night. Everything about that night was just priceless and the cherry on top of being there for Quiet Heroes!”