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Inspired by a Child, CURE’s Board Member is Dedicated to Finding a CURE

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Leslie Zacks is the Vice President of the CURE Childhood Cancer Board of Directors. He is also the Vice President of General Counsel and Chief Compliance Office at Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

However, his resume does not end there. Leslie is also a future participant in the Augusta Half Ironman Triathlon and is racing to save lives and to cure childhood cancer.

Inspired by Patrick, a young boy who lost his five and a half year battle with neurobslatoma, Leslie was motivated by Patrick’s over-sized smile, perseverance and perspective on life.

Shortly after, Patrick’s friend, Brennan, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Brennan  has been fighting this aggressive form of cancer for over three years. After undergoing four bone marrow transplants, multi-organ failure and numerous stays in the ICU, Brennan has recently returned to school and was able to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation.

When asked why Leslie has a passion for working with CURE to help put an end to childhood cancer he said, “Children should play. They should not be forced to lie in bed worrying about white blood cell counts, tumor sizes or whether they will see their next birthday. My heart breaks with each diagnosis and I am committed to ensuring that my time, money, sweat and energy will make a difference in this important fight.”

If you are interested in helping Leslie raise money for the families affected by childhood cancer then support him while he attempts to complete a half Ironman triathlon in Augusta, Georgia on September 30th. The event consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56-mile bike and then a 13.1 mile run.

“It won’t be easy. The pain and sacrifice I am experiencing during my training and that I will certainly feel on race day are nothing compared to the pain endured by Patrick and Brennan, their families and far too many kids with cancer.”

You can donate to Leslie and his cause by clicking here.

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