Fourteen-year-old, Livvie McManes made up her mind to help CURE Childhood Cancer, but didn’t know how. Finally, she came up with her own creative idea and quickly brought us a big check! We asked her to tell us why she wanted to help kids fighting cancer and how she did it. This is what she said:

There were a few connections that made me want to do something to help kids with cancer. First, my mom had breast cancer when I was in the fifth grade. Watching someone you love suffer like that makes you want to never wish it on anyone else. It made me, personally, want to help in any way possible to stop anyone from having to experience that. Also, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse for kids, whether is newborns, toddlers, or kids with cancer. My life just seemed to be soccer, school, eat, and sleep and my goal was to make a difference, but in my own way.

My first idea of how to raise money was going to be called the Have a Heart for CURE 5k right around Valentine’s day. After my mom and I tried to get it started, we realized how much effort and money this took. I love saying everything happens for a reason, and that little saying was proven. The day that I planned to have the 5k was the day that one of my best friend’s dad had a 5k to raise money for him because of his stroke. In the end, I was glad I didn’t do my own 5k because it ended up being a day to help a friend.

I decided to make a necklace because my mom works for a small jewelry company. One of my mom’s friends is the owner of Inspire Designs and she has known me for a very long time. She fell in love with the idea of the 5k, so when I told her I wasn’t doing that anymore she suggested we make a necklace. She supported me 100% and helped me design and make all the necklaces.

We sold out in a few days.

What I did was simple. My sister, Mackie, our friend, Hallie, and I had a small photoshoot for the necklace. Once we got the pictures, I wrote my story out and posted it on Instagram. Mackie, Hallie, Inspire Designs, other friends and family started to repost the picture and story. Within a week, I had sold out! I give the credit to my family and friends who reposted my picture, to my mom for driving all around town delivering the necklaces to boutiques, to my big sister for believing in me, and God for giving me the abilities to make this all happen.

My stomach drops every time I see someone wearing the necklace out in public. With my close friends, it’s totally fine and normal. But seeing a stranger wearing it makes me feel weird. I never tell anyone that I’m the one who made the necklace because it’s not supposed to be about me. It’s about the money that was raised and the children who were helped. I guess in a way it gives me a sense of pride when I see them. I feel proud of myself and everyone who helped me make them, and I feel proud of the person wearing it for donating to CURE. It makes me smile a little bit on the inside that I know I made a small difference and that that person has a reminder on their neck that helped as well.


I am 14 years-old and will be a freshman at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School in the fall. Summer for me is full on soccer, training for ECNL Nationals with my team. I just moved into a new house in Roswell and I love it. I love all my friends, and I can’t wait to start high school with all of them. I’m hoping to have another necklace coming up in September.