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Dinner for Silas Raises Over $5,000

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Last December, the Eta Rho Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma volunteered at CURE’s Holiday Celebration Party in Savannah and left the event with a new-found awareness of the work that CURE Childhood Cancer does with our families every day.

It was there that the Tri Sigmas first met Silas and began to follow his Facebook Page.

Silas In love with his encouraging spirit and wonderful family, the Tri Sigmas were devastated to learn that Silas was out of treatment options and would soon be under the care of hospice.  As a result, they reached out to the family with the offer of a fundraiser and, upon the family’s request, turned Dinner for Silas into a way to raise money for CURE.

Catie Sykes, the Tri Sigma who coordinated the dinner in April, worked very hard to pull off an event, for the entire community, that would raise awareness and funding for CURE.  Generously, Matt Starling, the owner of Smoke Station BBQ in Savannah, offered to host the event and help defray costs so that every penny could go to CURE.

According to Sykes, the Eta Rho Chapter of Tri Sigma has now made it their mission to raise money to fund childhood cancer research in honor of Silas. “Honestly, he is the wisest 4 year old I have ever seen. Especially with the types of things he’s been dealing with, you would never be able to tell because, honestly, he just radiates light,” says Sykes.

Silas People were lining the sidewalk outside the restaurant before the doors even opened, including those who were caregivers to Silas from The Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center, students who know the Tri Sigmas, families that CURE supports through our patient and family services programming, and locals who heard about the dinner through social media outlets and the local news stations.  While Silas is under the care of hospice and could not come, his family was represented by his aunt Amber and older brother, Gideon.

We would like to personally thank everyone who helped spread awareness of Silas and this fundraising dinner. As a result of your support, Tri Sigma was able to raise $5,100 for childhood cancer research!

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