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CURE Introduces The Remission Project

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“But there was still so much that we didn’t know or understand about where we were headed. I think it must be that way with everyone. Nobody takes you aside when you’re growing up and explains what you will be going through if you or a loved one ends up with a terrible disease. There’s no test in school about it. No way to study and be prepared for the storm that is cancer. You have no prior warning as with a hurricane where you can “batten down the hatches” and prepare to ride it out. One day everything is fine, and then the next day it hits you and you are picked up and carried off by a strong wind that throws you from place to place until the storm finally ends, and then you’re left with the destruction of it all and you know that life as you knew it will never be the same again.”

The above is an excerpt from the story of Hugh Green, as written by his wife, Donna. Hugh lost his battle with cancer in 2009, and since that time Donna has been driven to try to find some way to help others who are struggling with this terrible disease. It was with great pleasure that she discovered her two business partners, Ken McNair and Bubba Fretwell, shared the same desire to make a difference. Together, the three have founded The Remission Project, a company whose purpose is to partner with and aid non-profit organizations in raising funds to promote their cause.

Fretwell, McNair, and Green are co-owners of Corporate Products, LLC in Columbus Georgia, a custom headwear and apparel company. “Our business is designing custom headwear and apparel for clients in the corporate sector,” says McNair. “It just made sense for us to take the talents and resources we have and put them to work in a way that would help others.” The Remission Project is how they have chosen to do this. The three partners have created and trademarked three brands they feel will not only speak to the cancer community, but will also branch out and appeal to others. They hope to use these brands to generate excitement and awareness both inside and outside the cancer community.

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The first brand, Remission, speaks directly to the heart of the cancer community. Remission for us stands for Life, Hope, Attitude and Strength. This is the battleground for every person struck by this disease and is the fight we must win. Remission is not meant just for those fighting the battle, but also supports those impacted by this disease such as fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and loved ones.

“Our Family Our Fight”

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The second brand of The Remission Project, appeals to the survivor in all of us. This brand stretches beyond the cancer community to those who have had to fight to survive. Survivor Strong embraces all who have endured a traumatic or difficult circumstance and have become better and stronger from what they have experienced.

“Make it Count,” meaning every day is a blessing and should be lived to its fullest.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.01.56 AMThe third brand is TruLivin’. This brand was created to appeal to everyone. It began as the idea that TruLivin’ would stand for whatever the individual considered to be their definition of “living”, whether it meant spending time with family and friends, a day at the beach, or sitting on a river bank catching fish. Eventually it became clear that TruLivin’ is about giving. The founders of the The Remission Project believe that it is truly better to give than to receive.

They look forward to practicing that philosophy throughout the community.

Once the three brands were created and products were developed, the next step for The Remission Project was to find a partner that could benefit from the sale of these products. Their search led them to CURE. “When we first met with CURE and found out what they were all about, we knew instantly that this was who we wanted to partner with,” says Green. “We were all struck by CURE’s dedication to helping families and knew that they were on the same path that we wanted to be on. It is very important to us that the funds raised are used to benefit the families impacted by cancer and CURE’s program is dedicated to meeting those needs. It is our hope that a cure for cancer is soon found and other children and their families will not have to make this journey.”

In partnering with CURE, The Remission Project hopes to be a vehicle to aid in fundraising and to help in uniting the cancer community. “We are very excited to have CURE as a partner,” says Fretwell. “We look forward to a prosperous relationship with CURE and we know that together, we will make a difference.”

Please check out the exciting products available from The Remission Project at, and remember that a portion of each sell goes to CURE.

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