Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.47.14 PMWhen your child is diagnosed with cancer, your world changes. Yes, there is plenty of hardship and heartache on the road to a cure. However, most families experience incredible support, too. As many of you can attest, sometimes the best support comes from the hardworking nurses who care for our children – and their parents! The bonds we form with the nurses are so special. As they care for our children with love and compassion, they tenderly educate parents and lend an ear – and a shoulder to cry on.

Last week was Nurses’ Appreciation Week, and we asked our CURE Facebook family to share with us how a nurse has impacted your life. Your heartfelt responses speak volumes:

“When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last year, the nurse came to work every day even on her day off until we left the hospital and made sure we left knowing everything would be ok. Any time we’ve had to go back she always goes and visits and talks to us to comfort us.” – Becky G. 

“I am so thankful for all the nurses in the Aflac Cancer Center at [Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta]. They took such good care of my son Ethan while he went through his treatments. They were like family to us. They were always there when you needed help. They lent a shoulder to cry on when you needed someone to cry with. If it wasn’t for the nurses, I’m not sure I would have made it through the tough journey. Thanks to all the nurses who had a strong impact on my child’s life.” – Beverly P.

“I remember the day Nolan presented, we were numb and were admitted to [the Aflac Cancer Center] at Egleston, and our nurse that night was so kind and gentle when she was asking all patient history questions. She ended up being on our team and became our favorite nurse. She made sure she was with us on Nolan’s last night in the hospital and we will be eternally grateful.” – Andrea G.

“Hospice nurses are the most compassionate, caring people. When my daughter was in hospice for 2 weeks before she passed away, I encountered beautiful angels taking care of her with the utmost respect. What an honor to watch them as they came in my home and did their “job.” My gratefulness to them will never be forgotten.” – Linda M.

‪”Mandy Hickerson – nurse extraordinaire (and smarter than anyone I know!) Lisa McCoy – a constant encouragement during hard times (and good times!) ‪Joy Jackson Gosdin – can make any situation better! And ‪Julie Metz – a mom who’s “been there” and still climbs in the trenches to serve! I love every one of them!!!” – Deborah D.

All the nurses at the Aflac Cancer Center at Scottish Rite are incredible. Kim was our amazing nurse for 4 plus years!!” – Terry T.

“‪Nicole Casto Giacosa has been the best nurse ever since my son ‪Scot has been fighting his cancer. Thank you Nicole for always being there for us!!!! You’re part of the family always.” – Trae S.

“Malak Kikhia’s beautiful smile touches many hearts every day, in and outside the hospital. Her positivity, her love of caring and her sense of humor are one of a kind! She truly is a hero in many ways.” – Rose W.

“Nurse Angie, during our daughter’s stay at CHOA before and after Tori’s brain surgery to remove her tumor. Angie was so sweet and caring, and she treated our angel as if she was her own child facing cancer.” – Todd S.

“The best RN was with us all the way from diagnosis to the very end making my son’s journey as good as it could get. We will love her forever for the help & strength she provided!” – Ellen S.

“Love my son’s team of nurses at [Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta] Egleston on the 3rd floor. You know who you are ladies. Thank you.” – Dana M.

“When my son was in ICU in Duke, he wasn’t going to make it. One nurse was so good to me; I depended on her. The day they cut off the machines, she came to hold me through the whole process, even on her day off. She stayed with me and cried with me I’ll never forget her. She was my angel.” – Allison K.

From the CURE Board and staff, we express our complete gratitude for the unwavering dedication and uplifting spirit of these inspiring men and women.

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