My Hero is

Zoe was 2.5yr old when she was diagnosed with leukemia (B-cell ALL) in February 2020. A month later COVID hit the US and even more chaos and uncertainty filled our lives. It was a very hard time for our family with all of that, but CURE was one of the most significant groups to help us every single step of Zoe’s journey. We will forever be grateful for all that CURE does for pediatric cancer families in Georgia! Praise God Zoe completed treatment June 2022 and is doing extremely well! The journey does not end when these precious kiddos ring the bell though! She will continue to go back to the clinic for checkups and then survivor clinic. She will be checked for any post-treatment issues as part of these visits and is one of the many reasons why it’s so important to help raise funds for more pediatric cancer research so treatments can advance to help find cures for every child as well as safer treatments with less toxic and long term side effects!

Courtney Thomas