My Hero is

My sweet Chase was the bravest little boy ever. We had many up’s & downs throughout his journey! It was so hard as his mother seeing him go through his treatment but he RARELY ever complained, I did. He was doing so good but God had other plans, my sweet baby was tired. Heaven couldn’t wait for him! It’s a year almost that we’ve been without him but by the grace of God, we are trying. Mommy is trying. His birthday is 15 days after mine, 20 years apart in age! I thank god everyday for the time we had our Chase here in the flesh, he was the GREATEST SON, BROTHER, NEPHEW, and GRANDSON! Most important thing of all he was MY son. I was tremendously blessed in 2016 and that blessing is in heaven feasting on milk and honey! Rest in Heaven my sweet boy! As I shed tears typing this, YOU BEAT IT SON! You won your battle! No more pain. I miss you so much! May you forever rest in peace sweetheart!! We love you Chase!!

Nabredrianna Florence