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After Daugter Was Diagnosed with Cancer, Father is Inspired to Volunteer for CURE

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Our volunteers are the heart and soul of CURE. Every day, they give of themselves with selfless dedication and an unmatched commitment to helping. As our volunteers step forward to make a difference in the lives of others with remarkable energy, they bring us closer to the community we strive to serve. In the process, they make CURE Childhood Cancer stronger as an organization.

This week is National Volunteer Week, and as a thank you, we would like to spend some time highlighting a few of our volunteers. Please enjoy the following entry, written by volunteer Billy Malloy, as he shares with us the reason behind becoming involved with CURE.

When our daughter Gracie was in treatment we were invited to many events that were supported and run by volunteers. With every event I noticed that each of the volunteers were so thoughtful and extremely pleasant. I then began to think about how many volunteers there had been before, that supported events like Laurens Run, which generated funds for research that aided in Gracie’s recovery from Leukemia. Once Grace was in remission it was my turn to play a part in volunteering for those in the future.

Billy Malloy My first opportunity to volunteer was as part of a Parental Board for CURE where we discussed how CURE could further support parents and families of the newly diagnosed. At one of the Parental Board meetings, there was a request for volunteers for Laurens Run. One of the many positions needed as a volunteer was to Captain the Course Marshals. This year’s race will be my fifth year as Captain of the Course Marshals and I now know why in the past the volunteers were so pleasant and thoughtful. It is a tremendous feeling watching all the participants in the 5K and the effort they give to finish the Run. The 2K and all of the smiling faces of families participating and enjoying a fun walk can only bring a smile to ones face.

Just this past year I have had the pleasure of volunteering for the Open Arms program on Thursday nights at Scottish Rite. Open Arms holds a special place in our hearts. Gracie was diagnosed on a Friday night and the next week was a whirlwind of tests, decision-making and operations. After everything was completed that needed to be done we were given the okay to leave, if Gracie ate a meal. Gracie was two years old at the time and was not a big fan of the hospital food. Terri and I were doing everything we could to get her to eat. Well, it was Thursday, and we were told on Thursdays it was Open Arms Night and food was provided through this organization called CURE. Just so happened it was pizza night! Gracie gobbled down three pieces of pizza and we were given the thumbs up to go home the next day!

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