Conviction and action are childhood cancer's worst nightmare.

CURE Childhood Cancer is honored to be supported by a large grassroots following of committed volunteers and advocates. Known as Believers, these committed individuals help drive our initiatives forward every day.

Continuing to bring the heat.

"When we saw how little was being done on the federal level and how devastating childhood cancer is, my wife Chris and I decided we had to help. Our support for CURE is 24/7, and we love every minute it."

Tom Glavine
Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves pitcher

You might be a hero.

Even our funniest Believer can get serious when it comes to defeating childhood cancer. Just listen to Jeff Foxworthy and see why CURE is so grateful for his involvement.

Literally at the children's side.

"You bet I'm a Believer. I have spent time with children receiving treatment for pediatric cancer and seen all the inspiration I need on their faces. Just like I can see the passion on the faces of everyone at CURE."

John Deushane
President & General Manager, WXIA-TV
CURE Advisory Council Member

Spare time proved to be the most valuable of all.

"Getting involved with CURE was the easiest and most rewarding decision I ever made."

CURE volunteer,

The words enthusiasm and mission
spread far and wide.

The test confirmed Ellie had ALL leukemia. When you hear the words, your heart sinks and you don
After showing signs of early puberty, doctors discovered a low-grade glioma in Ethan
Zack had a large tumor in his face which ran from just above the roof of his mouth around blood vessels and nerves. They found another large spot behind his right eye. Inoperable. Our only option was intense chemo and radiation that would last at least 10 months. Read about Zack
Rachel is a 13-year-old leukemia survivor. Now, three years beyond the end of treatment, she has started high school and she is marching alto sax with the Roswell Hornets Marching Band.  She takes dance, is active in Girl Scouts, succeeds at honors level classes, babysits and pet sits and loves to laugh. Read this busy survivor
During my treatment, I had never cried so much in my life. To the public eye, I was the strong teenage girl who wouldn’t let cancer take over her life. But behind closed doors, I was a mess. But now… you’re looking at a Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor! Read Dee-Lenna
It took 3 small words to change our lives forever. Ethan has cancer. Our healthy and happy son just had a lump on his head. He wasn’t sick. How did we go from a lump to cancer? But after treatment, he remains in remission. Through it all, Ethan has remained happy and full of life. His strength and bravery are inspiring and his positivity is contagious. Read about Ethan
Don’t forget to visit our September partner Belso Home Studio in Alpharetta. This month, a portion of the sales of everything gold will support CURE. Check them out at @belsohome.
After a brain tumor diagnosis, Ayden is now in remission. He is 2 years old, happy, and an energetic angel from God. This tumor is not curable, but it is treatable. Read Ayden
Emaleigh, like all children battling cancer, was a brave soul. They have to be. But underneath their quiet bravery, they’re begging for a CURE. Read about Emaleigh
While he was fighting leukemia, Josh became known as "Super Josh" because he always showed up in the hero costume – at the hospital, grocery store, church.  When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you want to do anything within your capability just to make them smile. Read about Super Josh
Seven years ago our world was turned upside down when our son Nolan was diagnosed with AML Leukemia, he was only 8 years old. We know how blessed we are to come out on the other side with the opportunity to watch him grow into a healthy teenager. Read the rest of Nolan
It has been 9 years since Terry lost her battle. Her dream was to become an oncologist and find a cure for childhood cancer. Unfortunately, we are still losing the battle! Every day 46 children are newly diagnosed with cancer .When I think of those children I can hear Terry’s voice asking “why?
After fighting through treatment for osteosarcoma, Zachery just completed his freshman year of college at Southeastern University, where he played football as an offensive lineman. Zachery always tells everyone, “Go after what you want. Never allow anyone to tell you that you can’t achieve something that you believe in.” Read his inspiring story by clicking the link in our bio and finding his picture. #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #curechildhoodcancer #gogold #hope #fightcancer.
Henry continues to smile (a famous and contagious smile) in spite of the adversity of an osteosarcoma battle. He finished chemotherapy in August 2015 and received the good news on July 20, 2018 that his three-year scans were ALL CLEAR. Read Henry
During his fight with leukemia, Joshua just wanted to go home as much as possible instead of staying in the hospital for treatment. Throughout it all he never complained, cried or showed any form of outward anger.  It wasn’t fair, but he was willing to fight it head on. And fight he did. Read about Joshua
Born with a glioblastoma tumor where his right front lobe is supposed to be, Jaden had to come into this world fighting. But he never lost his spirit and from day one of his life he was always happy, even when he shouldn
Maci had to miss the last 5 months of her junior year of high school. Normal teenage activities like driving, hanging out with friends and school were replaced by chemotherapy, blood tests and hospital and clinic visits. She completed her last chemotherapy in May and is now in her second year of remission. Read all about Maci by clicking by clicking the link in our bio and finding her picture. #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #curechildhoodcancer #gogold #hope #fightcancer
Lendmark, you are simply amazing. In just three years, the Lendmark Climb to a Million has raised $1.3 million for childhood cancer research. We were honored today to accept this check from Lendmark President & CEO, Bobby Aiken, along with Chip Madren, the young man whose fight with cancer inspired Bobby’s vision.
Lauren endured significant side effects from chemotherapy including skin burns, loss of hair, hearing damage, and extreme pain and weight loss. Thankfully, Lauren completed her treatment protocol in April 2015, and has been such a trooper through it all. Despite some setbacks and the many side effects of chemotherapy, Lauren continues to smile and be strong. Her motto is, "I am tougher than cancer!" Read all about this tough girl by clicking the link in our bio and finding her picture. #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #curechildhoodcancer #gogold #hope #fightcancer
As of August 2013, Jacob was NED. The tumor wrapped around his kidney and the disease behind his eye was completely gone. It was a miracle! Jacob proved that he really was a superhero. Jacob finished treatment on July 25, 2014, one day before his 2nd birthday. He continues to remain cancer free. Read Jacob


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