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Beating Cancer Isn't Always the End of the Fight

Sometimes beating cancer doesn’t mean your battle is finished. Kimberly discovered this after her daughter’s fight against Ewing sarcoma. Hailey noticed a lump on her middle toe that turned out to be a tumor. After 10 months of agonizing treatment, she was declared cancer-free. But there was so much more healing to be done.

“Being diagnosed with cancer was like flipping off the switch of our life,” Kimberly said. “I thought that when treatment was finished, we could flip it right back on. I was wrong.”

The emotional and psychological fallout from cancer can affect the entire family. Hailey’s older sister worked hard to be a brave leader in mom’s absence and fell into a place of darkness and anxiety. Hailey struggled to reconnect with peers after losing a year of her childhood, and Kimberly found herself drowning in guilt.

“I don’t know where we would be without CURE,” Kimberly said. “CURE matched us with experienced counselors and covered much of the cost. I literally watched a weight lift from our family.”

CURE’s Counseling Program helps address the unique psychological needs of families affected by childhood cancer. Your gift of any amount can help alleviate trauma and speed emotional healing to struggling families.


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